I love history. Favorite Years 1900-1930 I also am a collector of old objects from said years about 20 full uniforms/clothing from the time.

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My movie rateings 1900-1930

3 years ago by to-der-trenches 0 comments

- African Queen 4.8
- Lawrence of Arabia 4.7
- all is quiet on the western front 5
- all is still quiet on the western front 4.7
- Der red Barron 4
- gallipoli 4.5
- chariots of fire 4.9
- Sergent York 5
- war horse 4
- birth of a nation 3.7
- battle ship Potemkin 4.3
- Young Sherlock 4.6
- death watch 2
- on Somme 4
- on Verdun 4
- Passchedendaele 4.2
- The lost battalion 4
- Zeppelin 4
- wings 1927 4.5
- What price, GLORY? 3

The first world war is unnoticed

3 years ago by to-der-trenches 1 comment

just my thoughts

but lets move on and try to make more WWI things like movies and games, make uniforms and show the history of WWI will never be forgotten. for the sakes of all the brave men who died in the trenches Germans Brits Americans so on all soldiers with feelings a strong mind and a lifes worth of story's. most of them never intended to kill and did become friends with there enemy's. if there is one war this world should never forget it is the FIRST WORLD WAR.

oh and i love the swinging 20s.

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