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How I went creating the trailer for "Clastle."

thorbahn3 Blog

The first trailer for "Clastle" is up on the game's Indie DB page. Here's the process I went in creating it.

First I came up with the concept of the character's death being the two beats of sound after I had so much fun seeing people's expressions to the variety of way the character can die. The song I picked was essitianlly perfect because that pattern repeats throughout the whole song.

Next I needed to find software for screen capturing. I went through lots of programs before finding fraps . It works well, but the free version has a watermark near the top. If you crop the image though, it disappears. After recording, I needed to find software to convert the AVI files FRAPs made and turn them into quicktime movie files so I could use Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion 3 on a MAC.

I found this program that works wonderfully at the task. Then, I edited the video, added music, etc, and finished the first trailer.

Self Intro

thorbahn3 Blog

Hello everyone at IndieDB.

My name is Jared Thorbahn (thorbahn3).
I started loving games when I was six years old (1991) after playing Sonic the Hedgehog on our newly acquired Sega Genesis. Ever since then I wanted to create video games, but often thought the prospect of doing so was out of reach because of where I live (Central Ohio). I would see people doing wonderful things in places like LA and thought there was no way I could do that. Well, years passed and video games finally came to me.

You see, one day I came to the realization that I would be continuing down this path of earning minimum wage the rest of my life if I didn't do something. To change that I went to my local technical college (Central Ohio Technical College). At the register's office was a poster for their new program of Digital Media Design - Game Design Option. I signed up immediately.

Since then I've learned a lot. Photoshop, Illustrator, UDK, Torque, Gamemaker, Final Cut Pro, Motion 3, a little bit of C++, and a whole lot more. The thing I find the most fun is that with each new game I help create the product gets better. The latest one is called Clastle, a classic platformer where the player navagates a castle in order to find the king. Me and a couple of fellow COTC alumi/students are working on finishing it by the end of summer.

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