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A little bit earlier than usual since I'm going to be away for the weekend, but anyway, here it is.

Summary: Added weapon trails and glows during attacks, working on more player attack combo animations, fixed damage flinch animations so they can be implemented at any time, been implementing other enemies into the game.

King of Shadows - Weekly Update #18

Summary: A lot of progress made this week. Laid down the groundwork for complex combo sequences and made some effects.

King of Shadows - Weekly Update #17

Summary: Made a special render of the Rehoboam model. Made few minor tweaks to the player mechanics, trying to get the quick attack working.

Weekly Update #16:

Summary: A fair bit of progress on the Rehoboam model (shown in last week's update). Will continue working on it until it's done.

King of Shadows - Weekly Update #15

There isn't a huge lot to report this week, but regardless, here it is. Hope you enjoy this week's update.

Weekly Update #14

I keep forgetting about this website, but I'll consider making a page for the game here once I've made some more progress so that I won't forget haha. Anyway, without further ado:

Week #9

Week #10

Week #11

Week #12

Week #13

Ay m8, a lil l8 but here's the weekly upd8 so pls don't h8.

Weekly Update #8

I swear I don't forget to update here on purpose guys, it just... happens.

Weekly Update #6

Weekly Update #7

Realised I'd forgotten to post links to the past couple of weekly updates on here, let's rectify that issue shall we?

Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update #4

Weekly Update #5

The second weekly update for the King of Shadows project hosted on the blog of my online portfolio, follow the blog for weekly updates on progress.