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the_fish Aug 15 2009, 6:55am replied:

Thanks :) (I didn't want to reply myself, because OF COURSE I'm going to say yes...)

For those who care, next update is coming along nicely. Should add a lot of replayability.

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the_fish Aug 6 2009, 4:13pm replied:

Yes. Sorry for the late reply, been busy coding :)


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the_fish Jun 4 2009, 2:52pm says:

Solution: "Left 4 Dead: Episode 2"

Now despite it costing the same, you'll buy it without complaining.

I love Valve (except their legal department), but they should really be consistent with their naming conventions. A game that takes a year to develop does not count as a new game, it counts as an expansion.

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the_fish Jan 3 2009, 4:13pm replied:

Quite a bit, unfortunately :(

I probably shouldn't fail my final year at uni, so the amount I'll be able to work on this will be limited as I gear up for exams. I'll try to get an engine update out soon, but it won't have any new gameplay features. I'm not giving up on this, by any means, but progress is going to be slow.

Thanks for the interest!

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the_fish Dec 14 2008, 6:44pm says:

VERY rough new random map. It's better than before, but not by much, and still needs a lot of work.

The point of this shot was to show the smooth visibility (dynamic vertex shading ftw). Don't worry, everything's properly optimised now, so it looks prettier AND runs a lot faster :)

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the_fish Dec 14 2008, 6:40pm says:

Yep, that's a road (and a polluted river). Units move slightly faster along roads (taken into account in the pathfinding), and I'm aiming for the mapgen to cluster buildings along them instead of out in the wilderness.

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the_fish Dec 14 2008, 6:38pm says:

OK, this is quite a boring shot. If you look carefully you can see that the waterline is not flat - it undulates up and down to simulate waves, and the water texture moves along to really give the impression of a moving river.

Trust me, it looks better when it's actually moving.

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the_fish Dec 1 2008, 2:01pm replied:

The Ø char is the mathematical symbol for the 'empty set', as well as a bunch of other stuff (including the o in underoath - I think it's a Scandinavian character of some sort).

That's the context I'm using it here, anyway - it's only tenuously relevant, like the name, it just looks/sounds cool :)

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