I am Mitch, it is the name I was given when I was born, Mind blowing I know.
I am 15, so all you pedos... I am getting too old for you, I am sorry, I really am. I live in a little tiny town in Australia called Melbourne, I have lived there most my life. I have my friends who I love bloody heaps, but I am always open to making new friends, so send me a message or do what ever you do on here to make friends. I fricken love indie games, Project Zomboid is actually amazing (Go get it if you haven't), tho I do have some ideas for it but great minds think alike so I reckon they will think of it one day. Tis coming to the end of my bio, if you have read this all and are still here reading. You are obviously interested insomething, so add me. I wont bite..... Except that one occasion...... But that is behind us now anyway.

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Greetings lads,

So I haven't posted a blog since ANZAC day, I have been busy moving and doing important stuff. So I get internet not much due to moving, but I was at a friends house the other day, and I noticed PZ has FIIIINNNAAALLLLYYYY been updated.

MY GAWD, The Indie stone. Have my babies!

The new update adds so much realism into the game that everytime I play it I need to clean my pants. Now everything is easier to operate, the AI are amazing and super OP (which is good), the Graphics are at good standards, it's neater and a lot more fun to play. I have been playing it basicaly all night, and my lawd. I will be walking around in the city then

ThatMitchGuy wrote: "HOLY FUCK!!"

a horde is sitting in the middle of the road ready to beat my ass down, so I leg it to an appartment complex, hide inside then the horde busts through and spanks my ass. This is the best zombie game I have played to be honest, there are not 50-million controls that I have to use to drink water, the inventory system is neat and easy to use. saying that I have found a few bugs, one which includes me being on the top floor of a building, merging though the top floor wall right onto the lawn outside with out harm... Until 30 seconds later where I find out I broke both my legs and my unborn fetus was aborted. There are a few more which I will not name and I will make you guys find by playing more or buying the AMAZING game. Now I am off to play more and surf the web and everyones opions and watch TUT-OR-I-ALS on how to be a mother flucking pro!

Alright guys and girls lets call it a night.




ThatMitchGuy Blog
Boston bombings!!

Boston bombings!!

ThatMitchGuy Blog
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Become a member, following person. You know you want too, when I finally get people I will start posting stuff.

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