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6 years ago by teh1ghool 0 comments

Let's see how this turns out -- I'll be posting all my blog posts here as well as on my site.


Please note - I am in need of help! Whether I get it or not, the project will go on. If you want to see this project come out faster, and you have skills to offer, feel free to contact me! Right now I am looking for a C++ programmer. Though any other help is welcome.

And to fill in the rest of this first post, I will include the description of OOK – My Current project.

OOK Is an EV clone for the iPhone. EV stands for Escape Velocity and is a series of games distributed by Ambrosia SW. Unlike the EV series, OOK will be fully 3D. Its universe will have a different environment, too. The universe of EV focuses on jumping from solar system to solar system. Contrary to EV, OOK will focus on intra-system interactions. Traveling through the system will take time, and jumping between systems requires the use of a jump gate called an SAR (Subspace Accelerator Ring). Join me in my journey through space and follow the creation of this game. Join the forum, contribute, and possibly earn yourself a place in the credits and a free copy of the game. Again, this is an iPhone game.

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