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teh1ghool Mar 20 2013, 9:35pm replied:

Cool well I have plans which will involve anyone who wants for its release :3 Gonna be free BTW.

+1 vote   news: Mini Update: GLSL Shaders, Full-Screen Shaders, Revamped State Manager...
teh1ghool Feb 13 2011, 3:03pm says:

Better? I added it back.


+1 vote   media: COLOR!
teh1ghool Feb 5 2011, 9:55pm replied:

No worries, it will be for Mac, Win, and Lin! I'm still working out how to compile with GNUstep on those platforms, but eventually I'll get it. ;)

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Nov 24 2010, 11:25pm says:

Perhaps. I was actually creating a secondary GUI to handle scalable interface items that behaves similar to Cocoa. I will have views and subviews (including button(views), tabviews, scrollviews, checkbox(views), etc. There will be a default background image which can be turned off or changed for things like the in-flight interface. That should solve any problems i have with scalability.

+1 vote   media: Initial 'settings' design
teh1ghool Nov 23 2010, 3:31pm says:

OOK was delayed due to my finishing an important work project as well as debugging some odd memory leaks. Everything is back on track, and OOK no-longer tries to steal all of my computer's RAM. Update shortly.

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Nov 17 2010, 3:27pm says:

All in due time! If you are an EV (Escape Velocity/:Override/:Nova) fan then you will get it immediately. If not, no worries. It's actually going to refer to something entirely different in this game and will set the stage for the story to come.

+1 vote   media: Main Menu WIP
teh1ghool Nov 5 2010, 3:47am replied:

clever :P

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Oct 25 2010, 2:37am says:

Coming up - I'm currently coding the resource manager which will let me keep track of the physics world and all objects as well as retrieve all/certain objects for use in the radar and more. The resource manager will be the hub of everything (the Model in MVC, i believe) and hopefully the only global variable in the main C file. Most of the code will be Objective-C, but the main file will be C. This should let me make sure that the resource manager is accessible from anywhere in the program.

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Oct 22 2010, 3:03pm says:

I shat a brick just thinking about it. ;)

+2 votes   media: 2d Physics in a 3D World
teh1ghool Oct 22 2010, 3:02pm says:

ahhh... <3 macs

0 votes   media: Engine test
teh1ghool Oct 19 2010, 4:20pm says:

what do you mean?

+1 vote   media: Engine test
teh1ghool Oct 16 2010, 5:10pm replied:

Look at how Lugaru works with the knives and swords. If it's a throwable weapon then there is a key to throw it. If not, then attacking like normal works great. It's as simple as changing the range of the auto attack depending on the range of the weapon.

+1 vote   news: First fighting test [HD video]
teh1ghool Oct 13 2010, 7:54pm says:

Indeed. It's unfortunate that the engine isn't done though. :[ Will be worth the wait. I have some awesome particle and other effects lined up to make the game visually engaging.

+1 vote   news: OOK Reborn
teh1ghool May 13 2010, 5:19pm says:

So you guys know, the reason there haven't been many updates recently is because I am working on a little side project. As soon as it's finished (super soon) then I'll resume.

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Apr 23 2010, 6:17am says:

Petrified roots from the ancient and extinct Symme tree.

+1 vote   news: The Twisted Path
teh1ghool Apr 17 2010, 4:51pm replied:

Yeah that's a previous video. I was informed of why it was doing that and updated the vid to the REAL one. ;)

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Apr 14 2010, 9:00pm replied:

W00t! I finally figured out the problems I was having with dynamic object creation, so I will now proceed with creating a simple AI for my game. Once I have some progress I will post a video. :)

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Apr 1 2010, 12:03am replied:

I've been doing a little bit here and there and I'm getting really close to getting this working, so once again, hang in there.

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Mar 28 2010, 3:17pm says:

That is correct. There is also a pretty big storyline in the works. My plans for storyline consists of many smaller story lines that end up contributing in some way to the greater purpose. A good demonstration of this way of going about things is demonstrated excellently in any of the Stargate series. While most episodes contribute to a season's main goal, they have their own sub plots.

+1 vote   news: Emergence of OOK
teh1ghool Mar 15 2010, 6:31pm replied:

Almost! I'm getting through Finals week and then I will be continuing.

+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Mar 10 2010, 12:09am says:

Guys, there will be an update soon. I just have to take care of some things and I'll be getting back to work.


+2 votes   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
teh1ghool Mar 1 2010, 5:25am says:

im pretty sure it looks a lot like that...

+1 vote   media: Staff
teh1ghool Feb 22 2010, 3:22pm says:

It looks especially nice in the map screen. ;) Video soon.

+1 vote   media: OOK Galaxy Revamped
teh1ghool Feb 20 2010, 3:39am says:

Yep. If you're wanting to see a more up-to-date video then check out youtube below. I am holding back on posting anything new until I can get these last few things sorted out.

Since the making of this video I have:
1.) Overhauled the code
2.) Added a level handling system
3.) Added a startup splash screen, interface, and main menu
4.) Enabled textures

What I am working on:
1.) Perfecting the level handler
2.) Adding Lighting

Following the completion of the above two items I will release a news post describing what I've done and what I have to do


+1 vote   media: This is LIVE!
teh1ghool Feb 14 2010, 3:29pm says:

A small note on the coding - I will be beginning this tomorrow. I hope to have some nice gameplay screenshots within the next 2 weeks.

+1 vote   news: OOK Soundtrack, iPad Support
teh1ghool Feb 9 2010, 3:05am says:

I've finally added the SND forum. In it I will be posting my writing more frequently than I update the website. Check it out. Register. Comment. :)


+1 vote   news: OOK Writing/Hunter Mission String
teh1ghool Feb 6 2010, 8:02pm says:

You may be right. My writing will have small similarities to many things I've read/watched/played, though I try to keep it 'as original as possible'. Originality is not an easy task these days.

Arpia 2
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
Fallen Dragon

+1 vote   news: OOK Writing/Hunter Mission String
teh1ghool Feb 4 2010, 2:40am says:

Thanks bro. Taking a short break from texturing it as I continue to write story lines. News post coming soon. :)

+1 vote   media: Complexities of large ships
teh1ghool Jan 20 2010, 8:27am says:

Well, it actually took hours. I just spent the whole of three or so days on these!

+1 vote   media: Missions Interface Design
teh1ghool Jan 17 2010, 4:07am replied:

I just might. I will probably have to get permission, but I'll see what I can do. As tradition states, it will be a ship that one can only get once the major storyline is beaten.

+1 vote   game: [ook] Once I Owned a Kestrel
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