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Taliban4o Nov 16 2014 says:

Please tell me the name of the song in your "rain.ogg" file.

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Taliban4o Sep 2 2014 replied:

That's normal the Amnesia graphics weren't made to be that big so please just keep trying you will eventually pass it.

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Taliban4o Jun 9 2013 says:

Dude this custom story was great you really put a lot of work into it, the pressure was constantly on, the effects were great and the story itself is pretty well though. Good job man :)

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Taliban4o Oct 11 2012 says:

DUDE your map is freaking awesome not only that, that was the hardest labyrinth i have ever played but the scares were placed perfectly i freaking wanted to just stop making myself mad but my curiosity kept me going on i congratulate you for creating one the best Amnesia Custom Stories ever you are awesome man and the ending was really epic.

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Taliban4o Sep 21 2012 replied:

Well it isn't easy but if you really put some work into it you can make some pretty good stuff.
Here are some links on how to set up your scripting and mapping in 6 easy parts 3 for the scripting and 3 for the mapping.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Level Editing (Mapping):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
This is all i can say the rest is up to you i wish you good luck.

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Taliban4o Jul 16 2012 says:

This story is amazing really good job i can't wait for the third chapter to come out!

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Taliban4o Jul 16 2012 says:

Really good job with the story and the scares :D but it would have been better if you put the almost finished orb instead of just having one piece taken but no matter you said your new to scripting!Please be so kind as to check out my first custom story i hope you like it.

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Taliban4o Jul 6 2012 says:

dude your map is very good the idea itself is good and the mixing and everything for a first map its great please check out my map!

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Taliban4o Jun 17 2012 says:

Really liked the scares and the trollfaces everywhere the last scene when i ran like hell was really funny.I guess you used GivePlayerSpeed() XD nice work.And one more thing on your next map please put some effort to it i don't like seeing glitches everywhere it makes me fell unsafe for some reason.

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