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Stargate Universe

TAL-EL Blog 0 comments

have you guys all seen the preview for this new stargate franchise if not here it is:

the song you hear included on this preview is called "Embassy- Gravity" and is a great song which you can watch here:

I've heard alot of people saying they wont watch this but i cant see why i just say give it a try and try not to compare it to the other stargates act as if this is the first and you may be pleasently serprised.

Seriously guys just try it!


TAL-EL Blog 0 comments

i was just wondering if anyone wanted me to post how to give their ships an escaort?

depending on the response i get i will send people PM's on how to give there ships escorts if anyone wants to know
Also i thought i'd post a good video for John Sheppard fans out there:

Also another video for any smallville fans amoung us:

I will post some more video's in time

Another video:

Another Stargate Video:

(no copyright infringment ment)

the new stargate empire at war looks cool

TAL-EL Blog 2 comments

i might start some modding tutorials as i learn how to mod certain things myself in Stargate EaW
If anyone hasnt seen this mod but is interested in having a look its here
It realy is a great mod if you havent seen it before enjoy

For example I have already moded the Prometheus so that it spawns 10 X-301's instead of two
If anyone can help me out learning how to mod certain things that would be great! I'll thank you in advance for any help you might have to give me!

I'll show people how to do that and more when i get the chance! Until then Happy Easter!

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