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stygma1982 @ Dev Log #9: Importing Characters and More Crafting

Looks very promising, i will track this closely, but i would say it´s a sure buy.

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stygma1982 @ Operation SD: Space Defense

This game seems REALLY GREAT!

It´s pure real time or real time with strategic pause to give commands??

This is a sure buy , only 2,29 € ? that´s probably wrong ... ;)

I know it´s ask far too much, but this game with a roguelike mode, starting from a random generated galaxy,expand from your homeplanet little by little taking down the evil ares confederation (or others ) would be be AWESOME. perhaps a NON FREE DLC ?? it would deserve costing more than the base game though :)

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stygma1982 @ StarDrive

When starting the game, the game resolution doesn´t stretch correctly , it leaves a quarter of the screen , and i´m unable to click any of the buttons in the main menu. Haven´t figured a way to fix this,any help??

Recently bought this one , and i´m dying to start playing, hope the next patch includes a fix or some configuration menu to tinker a way to solve this.

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stygma1982 @ Age of Conquest III

Hey this really is good-looking, has reminded of CENTURION , only much more complete of course. gonna give a try.

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stygma1982 @ Version 1.02 coming soon

First of all , congratulations for your first game, i love it!

-more than having the second boss easier i would prefer to put a checkpoint right next to the boss, i didn´t care dying ,but making the trip to it every time, was really boring.

-Dont know if you made it this way or is it a bug, but in the secret garden area , there´s a room with a skull key door ,and breakeable bricks in the other side, should not have a different padlock,although the object in there can be retrieved anyway?

-In map section, putting noticeable doors would be welcome.

-A little background/story to the game, and 2 or 3 cutscenes would be lovable.

Thanks for this Super nintendo nostalgia game!

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