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Stolos Jan 25 2015 says:

I can't report this on the MBX forum since registrations are shut down, AND this report has to do with a modmod, but...

With RCM for TLD (the fan-updated version.) throwing weapons have a MUCH shorter thrown range, with the normal range of most of them being somewhere around 6 to 10 feet when thrown 'straight forward'.

Sorry about this indirect way of saying this, I hope this message in a bottle gets to the guy responsible for updating RCM.

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Stolos Sep 7 2012 replied:

Thank you. ^^ I'll wait until the final release to ask more about compatibility issues. Will this be kept off of the Fallout 3 & New Vegas Nexus websites?

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Stolos Sep 7 2012 says:

When the final version is complete, do you suppose that it could be compatible with other Fallout mods, so long as they are properly installed and all players have the same set of mods running...?

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Stolos Nov 9 2011 replied:

Frankly I don't see the issue. M&B and Warband are pretty much the same game, the only thing the modders would care about in regards to which game to choose should be which one is easier to mod. They themselves stated in the release that Warband is limited. What's more this mod was in production long before Warband was released.

+4 votes   news: TLD 3.3 now released for 1.011 & Warband | TLD 3.22 OSP
Stolos Dec 22 2010 says:

I took the time to sign up on the Relic forums, vote and post. Like I said there myself and probably numerous others who have yet to speak would be quite happy with the mod you could potentially make from this idea. But as of now, it's just that- an idea.

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Stolos Nov 20 2010 says:


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Stolos Nov 8 2010 says:

Despite still being a beta RCOM is impeccably well made. Bravo to you, MacBradley.

+3 votes   mod: RCOM
Stolos Nov 3 2010 says:

This is intended to be constructive criticism, but may not read as such. Apologies for that. There are a lot of things in this mod that I enjoy- the addition of more unique weapons from Nimble is appreciated though the addition of a second unique Mossberg Maverick seems trivial and probably unnessary. The changes made to artifacts are nice, though they could do with some more balance. Example: The Soul now grants 4 health recovery and 2 radiation, but the Kolobok grants double the health recovery and still puts out as much radiation and Firefly gives a whopping 16 health recovery but only costs 3 rads. And though the addition of armor like the mercenaries suit is nice, they seem rather tacked on and could do with having more thought put into what sorts of stats they should possess, (the most egragious examples being the number of artifact containers that Duty armor can now hold, and the ability to use headwear with the exoskeleton.) including the number of artifact containers. Although I really do like that more artifact containers and that artifacts themselves are more useful, this system could do with some more thought, and could probably do to see stat changes to most, if not all of the artifacts.

Despite all of this I'd love to see another version of this with retweaked item stats with an aim for balance but retaining the intent to make more items seem like good choices for the player to utilize. It seemed like in the original, the variety of impressive gear that the player would want to utilize was largely dependent on if the weapon were unique, or if the armor could 'do it all.'- the number of items like this were rather low. On that note, the addition of yet more unique items (perhaps one for every weapon in the game?) would also be another cool possibility.

Again, sorry for the long post, my thoughts were a bit scrambled while I was writing this and I went back and edited in places a few times. Thank you for reading.

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Stolos Feb 18 2010 says:

This is really cool. I'd shoot for an RPG or platformer, strategy games are good and all but also take a lot more work and it'd be a shame for you guys to get mired down with making one. Good luck!

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Stolos Feb 5 2010 says:

I've always liked this picture.

Also the IS-2 was very small for a heavy tank. It had more frontal armor than the Tiger but was about the weight of the Panther. Unfortunately, the large caliber gun fired 2 piece high explosive rounds and wasn't suited for combat with other tanks.

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Stolos Feb 5 2010 says:

The French lost because the Germans were fighting better, and the French were woefully unprepared for blitzkrieg warfare. The Germans also went into combat with the advantage of massed tanks using radios- French tanks, while better than most of the German tanks at the time were used piecemeal, in support of infantry and were without radio.

+1 vote   media: 2C heavy tank
Stolos Dec 22 2009 says:


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