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6 comments by Starfox100 on Sep 29th, 2012

There we go!

The campaign is unleashed to several BETA testers. if they find it OK and finished.
it WILL be unleashed to ALL!

Keep an eye open. and if you want to test them also. Send me a PM about it :)

Things that are going to be added for the full version: Sounds/voice records. about mission and story details. (not something special anymore)

Report abuse Progress MK.2 Campaign 5: re-editing

0 comments by Starfox100 on May 31st, 2012

Well, Finally 1.5 Beta is out and now it's time to re-edit maps even my last one is not even finished! although I got to say the progress last few weeks slowed down because of a new job. :)

I'm at least very happy with the new version because of new objects that i can put into the fight.
new building, wrecks, textures, and plants there all there in my maps now and so it's only for the TE mod.

multiplayer maps are also coming soon.
i got already one at least...
now the rest ASAP.


OK, tested mission maps till now:
Mission 1: OK.
Mission 2: OK.
Mission 3: OK.
Mission 4: OK.
Mission 5: Lasts scripts reporting in.
Mission BONUS: OK. but hard now
Multi-map (random TE input): in construction.

posted also how to create Firestorm walls like in TS on the TEF.
to be continued...

Report abuse Progress MK.2 Campaign 4: progress goes on

1 comment by Starfox100 on Jan 11th, 2012

back again

well, with mission 4 behind me i can go on to mission 5.
The base is simple here, you just walk into total chaos. Normally you build a base and there is totally not really a problem. commando missions also take time but not fatal.
in this mission you'll run into the total war that you only know out of movies or shooter games.
Fighting left and right without knowing how it will end up. 100 units VS 200 or more. not the silly 5 VS 6 concept. -.-
It's C&C3 Tiberium WARS and the ESSENCE, so my last mission with a Mammoth MK.2.. I will give you WAR and ESSENCE to survive! and lot of scripting

to be continued.

Report abuse Progress MK.2 Campaign 3: Final steps to glory

0 comments by Starfox100 on Dec 19th, 2011

after testing, testing and testing... and even more testing... I finally found a working scrim AI. it took almost damn 3 months to finally find it and that it works (thanks for my 'testing ground' map)
... and now i think of it, i forgot to test the objective list to work on. :s *note to self*

With most of us hoping for TE coming on Christmas, I also need to go on with what i got.
Mission 4 is hereby ready and Final map is started. of course also a 2nd multi-player bonus map. but does not got the highest priority.

I can only tell that for those that like HUGH battles will be satisfied in the last mission. and so for those with bad computers.. i hereby apologize. :/

I hope i get it done before 1.5 comes out. but otherwise at least 1 or 2 weeks after, so i can check if the maps still work like they suppose to do. (IF he comes out)

I'll keep you on info for now because of the fast input I'm giving in it now.
we'll see if we get 1.5 for Christmas. and if we do. i wise you a happy Kanesmas already :)

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0 comments by Starfox100 on Sep 1st, 2011

Progress MK.2 Campaign: step by step,

still working on mission 4, but found many things out. so i know how to get a working firewall and able to shut it down.
also found small other scripts to let campaign objectives be visible. i have not tested them yet but they seem promising. so that's also a thing I'm going to work on.

i also got Scrin AI working... at least they act, but does not seem to build as requested. So there is still a thing that keeps me on hold for mission 5, for you as MK.2 commander the final battle. Next post will take a while again because progress is slow.

I have seen in all my missions there things i want to chance, but that's because i want it all perfect or at least nicer.

Report abuse Progress MK.2 Campaign

0 comments by Starfox100 on Jun 9th, 2011

Hello everybody,
Some know i work on A campaign for the new Tiberium Essence 1.5 version.. A mod for C&C3.
The short campaign i make is that your main priority is the MK.2. your actually the commander.

Although it took a LONG time, i finally finished mission 3 of the campaign. i would like to talk about how the map is.. but that would ruin the fun for if 1.5 comes out. 1 thing.. Totally urban so your gonna need a good PC for it.
I already had 2 maps ready and a bonus. so this makes 4. I work also on a Multi-player bonus.

I'm gonna start on mission 4. I can only tell about this is that the scrim shows up here just like in the default campaign.

I never did a blog before, so im gonna put in some of the time news how it's going. the progress is slow.. but its to think how i want to get it done and lots of testing. (guess if 1.5 comes out that also must be done because of the new and other units.)

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