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Amnesia: The Streets of London

Mod review

Well, it's been awhile since I've seen a beautiful MOD like this one! But this production made the same mistake as the original MFP makers - it's basically a "running all over the place", story driven adventure with little or no puzzles.
And the darkness in the game is pointless!


Amnesia: Chromanin [RELEASED]

Mod review

This was just..... a brilliant MOD! I feel compelled to say that I played 70-80% of all the MODs for ATDD and all I will say - Chromanin is another one which will go to my favorites! The atmosphere, the nirvana, AIC, SK parallels made me just more fond of it.
And when I finished it I was amazed that this was the first MOD Vuko_Drakkeinen made for Amnesia!

I definitely give it a 10 just based on the last fact! And the fact that I had lots of fun playing it!



Mod review

Absolutely a "must have" in any Amnesia CS collection!


Penumbra: Twilight Of The Archaic

Mod review

I never thought that the Penumbra series will be kept alive and well in 2015. !
But it IS, thanks to CounterCurrent games! You guys made it again! After playing 'Necrologue' (for which I was waiting a year to be finished) and blowing my mind, here is "Twilight of the Archaic"!!

Anyone who has a slightest idea what Penumbra and Amnesia is - will play this MOD too and love it, 100%


Project Pulsation

Game review

No dmg for enemies

Mod review - 1 disagree

A cheat for those who wanna look around the surroundings without getting damage? Pfff.... What's the point?



Game review

This was a GREAT rollercoaster of scares, feelings, great development of the even better story that is so geniusly crafted and told...
Who played Amnesia TDD and the the predecessors 'Penumbra', he HAS TO play this SOMA too! No buts, ifs - you HAVE TO!
10/10 is what I give the game, it deserves it!


Csendes Domb

Mod review

I started the MOD, I was pleased that it worked, but ....
1st - I don't know WHY you released a MOD that is scripted on a 10 year old kid's level? I don't script well, but even I know that this mod is f-ed up...
2nd - The installation is a pain in the ***, could have made it easy, IF you written a more intelligent script and tied it up nicely.
3rd - There are missing textures, right away as I entered the game.
4th - As I entered the game, I closed it down after 2-3 minutes as I could tell from what I've seen and heard that this MOD is BS!


ENIGMA : A Full Conversion mod

Mod review - 3 agree - 3 disagree

For a demonstration - this was freaking epic! Although I must admit I was sad, because it was really short. So - can't wait to play the full MOD! I have a feeling this may be one of the BEST MODs DnALANGE made yet! And I know how good MODs he made before, I played them all :)



Game review may contain spoilers

I must say that I love games that are based on good stories, ESPECIALLY when based on actual, real events! Plus - this event is a well known mystery till this day. When I heard "Dyatlov Incident" I was sold!
Now, the game is really nice, sounds are playing a big part of the ambient. Since all happens in snowy conditions I am pretty sure it was hard for the developers to make all that "whiteness" interesting, and did a great job, because every corner you take is different, has some little things, details done, that makes all the difference.

All in all - This is one of those games that need to be experienced to get the picture.

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