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This mod has some amount of technical prowess that saves its rating somewhat, like the seemingly improved, more agressive AI, though not used very well, it is noticeable.

A basic, and very well functioning inventory system that could be used to make a player consider his progression through rationalizing his options. though as it is, every weapon has mountains of readily available ammo that can be aquired constantly and easily. Making the entire inventory system pointless.

The mod represents the very epitome of misunderstanding everything that made half life 2 good. A sort of unholy merging of the timeless classic we know and love, and the baffling perpetuations of the "modern shooter" franchises.

Ironsights for instance, are fine, as long as they arent forced onto the gameplay, wich they very clearly are. Something the introduction smacked me in the head with. The lines were literally, "Youll look very badass hipfiring, but you wont hit anything". The statement to me being, "The design of this game is NOT to the sole purpose of making you have fun."

The addition of regenerating health is completely baffling to me, Serving to do nothing but desensitizing you to explore the maps looking for health and supplies, Reducing the gameplay to walking from shooting gallery to shooting gallery.

The maps are below par, and downright painful to look at. Several times it is completely nescessary for your progression that you navigate pitch black areas without a flashlight, giving you a very frustrating time of bumping around until you find an exit that was inches from your nose.
It is often completely unclear what direction youre even supposed to progress, with no visual cues.

The Voice acting is as often mentioned, Horrid. There is no emotional engagement, no sense of urgency to anything said. Its infinitely preferable that you find ways of avoiding voice acting completely if all the voice acting youll be able to produce is this destructive to the feel of the game.




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Now this is what im talking about!

Nice pace, nice layout, and interesting methods of gameplay.
It totally fits with the half life feel, and spurts your intrest from the very start.

a few problems though, first of all it cuts off wrong, you are simply not ready for the game to end, and secondly, the flashlight shouldnt have been cut, even though you did a good job making it obsolete through lighting in the maps, Its really a handy tool, and still could have been useful throughout the game.

I also had the garage crash, but you have shown provess as developers and rushed to provide a solution.

Overall, this is just great, its really the kind of thing moddb was made for, and well worth the download.

Id love to see more from you guys in the future.

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