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Sooo - When Deus Ex (original) was released, I was about 20 and pregnant with my first child. I discovered and played this game that would inevitably become my most favorite game of all time. Fast forward to today. That child is now 14 - and I built him his first gaming rig for Christmas last year.

Then the question....

"Mom, what's with that Revision mod you've been waiting for? What game is that about...?"

"OHHH shit my child - let me show you Deus Ex".

So as I've done dozens of times in the last decade, I whip out Deus Ex and get ready to install it. He's checking out the case, see's the graphics, and I hear him groan....

"Ugh, mom, its old school. The graphics are crappy. It's gonna drag...should I just wait and play the mod with you?"

I was gonna say yes...but then I stopped.

"Hell no" I said. "The team that's been working on that mod have put in countless hours and resources over several years working to modernize what is only the greatest fucking game of all time. All for little to no compensation other than a love of this game. You sir, will play it one time in it's original state - this will familiarize you with the game premise, and prepare you to appreciate all of the work Caustic Creative has put into to revamping Deus Ex. There are a few other mods available that improve on the textures and player designs; and if you manage to beat it once before they release the completed Revision mod, I'll go ahead and install New Vision and HDTP if you wish so you can run through it again with those. But at least once in the raw, original version. Trust me - you'll get sucked in and thank me later."

He's been in his room for 4 hours straight tonight. Late into the night the previous day until I forced him to detach and go to bed. Every once in a while, I check for a pulse and slide snacks and water through the door. He's already talking about wanting to play Invisible War next (Yes, I warned him about IW), then Human revolution after that. I'm so fucking proud right now.

(Side note - the boy plays athletics, is very respectful, has several friends and does in fact leave the house daily. In excellent shape and health - in case anyone wants to start chiding me for raising a gamer. We stick to gaming after dinner in this house. Because if he's in his room at night gaming, he's not out roaming the streets getting in trouble for dumb shit with stupid people. The more you know ;)

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I was 20 too when I play DX for the first time! Well.. no, I was 21... nno...22... Oh well!

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SplatteredNavarre Creator

Thank goodness! I was starting to feel like an old lady around all these youngens ;)

I kid - DX is timeless and so are we!

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Great! :-)

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I love your header image <3

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h4h4h4 my ranking is higher than yours, foolish american infidel!!!!

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