I am a great fan of Russian army,especialy all the spetsnaz brenches, Serbian army, and all slav countryes!I am also a fan of WW2 tanks( soviet and german tanks), and in terms of gaming, i am a hardcore fan of stalker series and it's mods, and a courageos member of duty faction:)I am also a fan of Metro 2033, and Half-Life series, Company of heroes and it's mods(especially Eastern Front and the upcoming Modern Combat), and of course, the Tom Clancy's series (especially splinter cell:conviction and end war...because it has the spetsnaz faction:D).

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10 Review

Mod Review on Oct 5th, 2012

No review provided

Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
10 Review

Mod Review on Mar 17th, 2012

A totaly conversion for Vanilla COH, and a extraordinary one!!!!

10 Review

Mod Review on Feb 9th, 2012 - 2 people agree 2 people don't

An EXTRAODINARY mod!!!This is how call of pripyat should've been from the start!

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 17th, 2010

It adds what Relic supposed to add! One of the most important factions in WW2!

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