Skelefactor is an independent videogame studio based in Athens, Georgia (USA).

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We launched the Kickstarter for Bugspeed Collider yesterday morning. Have you checked it out yet? We're pretty happy with how the page turned out.

Of primary interest during this campaign is the free Kickstarter-centric demo we've put out at the same time. We're confident in the sheer amount of unrestrained joy to be had with blasting beetles of both CPU and local-player motivation. Currently in the demo you'll find 6 levels of Arena mode (single-player challenges of increasing difficulty) as well as 5 levels of multiplayer (suitable for 2-4 local combatants). After we work out a few kinks to get controls to work on Mac, we'll be pushing out a sample of the single-player Adventure mode as well. Adventure mode takes on much more of a platformed + brawler feel as you explore the vast reaches of impossible trees.

Our campaign will run until Friday, October 3rd. As I've mentioned previously, we're using this time to not only raise funds to further development of the game, but also to generally gauge interest. Obviously we're plenty interested in the prospect of tiny little beetles engaged in massive, explosive combat, but what about you?

We have a number of cool backer rewards for those interested in supporting this project. I could go over them all here and be super-redundant, or you could just go check them out over here!

As always, feel free to let us know what you think on twitter by shouting directly at @Skelefactor.

Good luck and Bugspeed.

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Skelefactor is a small game development team based in Athens, Georgia (USA). Our aim is to create games with new and fascinating mechanics that invoke...

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