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For the large part, we have been silent and invisible. The truth is, we're getting ready to attempt a Kickstarter campaign in order to expand Bugspeed Collider.

We want to try a Kickstarter for a number of reasons. Funding, of course, is the chief reason. Getting funded would allow us to focus all of our attention on the game. It's not the only reason though.

Basically, we're going to use Kickstarter to determine the scale of the remainder of our game. We have a lot of big, fun ideas for this game. The problem is that implementing them would obviously increase development time, a resource currently held in short supply. Proper Kickstarting would grant us the resources required for Bugspeed Collider to realize its potential. It will also help us gauge interest in the project itself. Without funding, we will still finish the game. It will just be a much smaller game.

That's the state of things currently. We're still a few weeks away from launch. We'll be posting more information as August nears.

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