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The Very Organized Thief

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Really enjoyed this game. It was a good experience. In the beginning, I wasn't imerged totally, but when the owner came home, that really put me in the mind of the burglar. The pressure that arises. Funny, it really made me think about how this situation is seem from the burglars point of view in a real-life situation. Also because there was no real Gui, that helped a lot to the experience. I found the house design nice and real. I can't explain it exactly, but this game has a good feel to it.
The concept works overall. Yes, you could improve the AI, give more options, and what else...there is always room for that. But I like that it is clean, well presented, easy to play, it has a story and has no bugs.
It's a good example that simple games can be fun too. And I don't mean by simple, that it was easy to do. I believe a lot of effort went into this. What can I say more. It's a game well done.

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