I'm a simple guy with extreme tastes. That being said, I have a weakness for science fiction and all things pointy and shiny. I soon plan on teaching myself how to do texture work and build models for my ultimate goal of one day designing my own mod.

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Voice Acting

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Hello everyone,

As I'm sure you've read the title of this small post, it's relating to voice acting. That's right, cool, old Lockerd isn't the only one who specializes in it. I dare not compare myself to him but I will say it's been something I've been enjoying to do lately. (Lately as in a couple months) I've helped a few friends with voice overs for their projects and they all agree I can make up some pretty insane voices. Problem is, my voice decides when it feels like being cooperative with me. So while I can sound almost identical to Peter Cullen, legendary voice of Optimus Prime, on one day, don't expect me to sound like him the next day. Curse my slowly growing vocal cords. The point of this post is to let everyone (pff, anyone) know that I would gladly lend my voice to anything if they request it. I'll be randomly posting audio files of my various voices here and there so check my profile every now and then and you may be interested in what you hear!

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Your loyal General,


Comment of the month awards

Shockmatter Blog 1 comment

As my duties to Dawn of The Reapers continues, my job requires constant monitoring of the mod page. That being said, I see many comments that are so brilliant (in various different ways) that they deserve an award. Hence forth, I'm beginning COTM awards! With Lord_Set's permission I'd award the lucky user a COTM award (in the form of an image) and have it posted on the DOTR wall along with my individual profile. The link to the comment will also be posted along side it as well. Off to concept the awards!

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