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Shifroval Oct 10 2012 replied:

We do plan some action, of course. But I can't say what exactly it will be, except that our goal is to make the base feel like Black Mesa.
I thought cvoxalury will asnwer your question, he's the one who makes things. Maybe he will notice and correct me..

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Shifroval May 18 2012 replied:

Алекс, обрати внимание, там таки про огонь сказано. См последний абзац на втором листе, там "hosing the yard with fire". Так что стоит ещё подумать что делать в струе. Логически там топливная смесь, но огнём такую струю не выдуешь, она кривиться начнёт..

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Shifroval Apr 15 2012 replied:

It looks cool, but we'd rather make our own model than use a model made by someone else. Even if it looks perfect. Consider it some sort of rule, we just don't want to collect materials for our own mod from all over the web. The mod will become just a compilation of models and other things then. Our purpose is to make everything ourselves.
Moreover this is just a model, it doesn't have any animations. We can make a model, it's one thing. But to make animations for it is another.

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Shifroval Mar 12 2012 replied:

Never! I come here from time to time, maybe it's time to ask brush.titizen about posting some new screens..

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Shifroval Feb 7 2012 replied:

Кстати да, спс за баянную мысль, когда нить таки это нужно сделать..

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Shifroval Nov 4 2011 replied:

There are no signs of the original Consul's model left anywhere, except for just the name of Breen's model in the beta (Consul.mdl) and the statue (Consul_statue.mdl). The same is with Maxwell's model, nothing left from it, if the model ever existed in the first place.
Both Consul and Maxwell can only be seen on concepts. And their voices can be heard in audio files.

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Shifroval Oct 23 2011 replied:

Occasional typo, just fixed it.

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Shifroval Sep 27 2011 replied:

Just checked the maps, I was wrong about their condition, we have at least 15 gameplay maps and 30 more are in development.
But I still think it would be better to link some of them in one complete chapter and release as a demo.

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Shifroval Sep 27 2011 replied:

1) Well, you are right, there is nothing left from Weather Control. If it was ever made. There is only demo_arctic, but it's just demo. We'll try to recreate the concepts as precise as we can, including the Weather Control vignette from RTB and some general ideas like how should an Arctic base look like and Arctic in general.
This text fragment has many small details like the appearance of the building, the enemies, the scenery, etc. You can easily extend it to a rather long map full of events.
The purpose of our mod is to recreate that atmosphere and style which was supposed to be present in the Original storyline maps and concepts. Of course we will add something according to our interpretaion of things or change some details, but we are careful with that and always check if this or that thing is on its place.
Also there is our old concept(pencil drawn) of Weather Control in the gallery. Maybe it's already a bit obsolete, but you can get the idea how we see it.

2) As for now - no, unfortunately we do not need testers, because there are not much things to test. Well there are some maps, but they are crude(gameplay wise) and we use them only for internal purposes. I suppose you don't want to see unfinished and unoptimized maps, do you? We should finish at least one chapter and then we think we'll use it for public testing or a demo.

Ahh, you do not need anon beta, because the mod is made on the Ep2 engine and runs on SDK Base 2007 libraries thanks to the that big engine update(you no longer can run mods with custom code on Ep2 engine).

P.S Sorry for such a long reply, lol.

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