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Sheikh1991 Mar 26 2012, 9:12pm says:

i want you to release your mod. its the best mod ever. i assume you seen my previous posts commented on your mod. i too, agree with Machinehead420 and ceriux you should privately release it to the ones that request it. i didn't find your mod till last month. viewing from photo's and the trailer, makes me go on a thrill ride to play this mod. its just too good to throw away. i like to be able to play Sonder 1, then follow Sonder 2 when its finished, then play Sonder 3 when its completed.

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Sheikh1991 Mar 25 2012, 2:03pm says:

i know i am late in the game coming across this mod. i didn't find it till last month. This is an epic mod in a good way. yeah i know it takes place in the darkest time in history, but playing as the character in the game, putting yourself in his shoes gives you a thrill ride. this is my opinion, i do see action hero in this, also exploring to it as well. i seen alot of Die Hard Wolf fans wanting this to be released. I too want it to be released and i do feel sorry for the negativity and other stuff that brought heat onto the mod. I can only say is best of luck and hope sometime in the future both Sonder 1 and Sonder 2 went its finished will be released. that would be nice to have to play and to keep all the fans occupied till Sonder 3 is created and eventually released.

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Sheikh1991 Mar 25 2012, 1:41pm says:

the most interesting mod i ever seen. i'm interested in this mod. i'd defiantly would play it, not for just killing nazi's and seeing intense scenes, but also explore around the compound. in school we learned about this place, but never was told much about the revolt, we only knew a revolt happened. the notion to play this, would put me in the thrill seat. i hope one day this mod, followed by the Sonder 2 will eventually be released.

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