Shaul Hadar is a professional musician, producer, composer, sound technician and a professional concert pianist with over 26 years of experience. Shaul writes music in any type of musical genre, with an affinity to the movies and games business, but also electronical music and instrumental music. Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases music constantly at top record labels. Shaul also writes music for documentaries, internet sites, radio, television and every media which needs music and sound effects. Shaul also consults other producers on how to get the most of their musical environment. Shaul is a music teacher for piano, jazz, musical theory and computer based music. Shaul is currently working on writing a lot of music for computer and mobile games.

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these are 30 superb seconds in both visual and sound. the sound goes hand in hand with the video, while the explosion at the beginning and when the aliens spawn finally with the arrival of the submarine. that you ended it with the "ping" also adds a lot to it.

a perfect example of the difference between a soundtrack randomly chosen and one made specially for a video.

now i have one more project to track ;)

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Thanks Shaul its an honor to have worked with you on this video. You really know how to convert my words into the music and sounds that i was looking for.

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shaulhadar Author

Hi Duruk, actually it was an honor to work with you as well, you graphical capabilities are amazing :) thanks for the opportunity!!

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About two months ago I started writing music to a project by Duruk (one of the best graphical artist and game producer out there). The project is a demo of 30 sec to show a waterworld scene, and how it can be used as a game level. Also, Duruk sent the video (with my music and sfx included) to a cool contest, and it came in first place . Please check it out and have fun :)

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