Huh? My bio? Well what can I say? I'm just some dude who likes modding. I get cut off my modding time by high school (yes, I'm 15) and Tae Kwon Do. I'm a green belt. I'm latino, and I think I always come up for innovating ideas for mods, and I am a quite good GFX artist, actually I must say I'm really proud of my Infested Terran Buildings. Oh, yeah, and the part that I come up with big ideas is very limited by my knowledge: I know no other script than Doom engine and I don't know any of those languages (which specific name I forgot) so don't ask for C, C++ or Java or whatever crap of those. I was working in Dark Evolution and Project: Revival (a.k.a. Galactic Unrest) but my CPU was stolen. With this said, I will only specify I'm sitting in front of a crappy computer that my brother borrowed from some dude, and I can't mod or DL anything in this CPU, so all of my projects have been cut off until further advice. Isn't this weird? I didn't what to say but now you know my whole life, XD...

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I love RPGs! Adn first preson shooters!

If you saked me what games are the best ever, I'd say Starcraft; Half-Life 1 & 2+Expansions; Battle for Middle Earth 1 & 2+Expansions; Doom 1, 2 & 3 (yes, I like sequels); Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Warrior Within & Two Thrones (a.ka. Rival Swords); what else...? Oh yeah, almost all Need for Speed series except for Carbon which si the one I have left to play.


Well, what about you? 

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FlySpyGuy Apr 11 2009 says:

Hey, I was wondering what programs you used to make some of your Starcraft Mods? For instance, what do you use to make BCs and stuff go faster? Do you know how to make a unit use multiple attacks for ground, or multiple attacks for air? I have been modding SC for years, and I never spent the time to learn anything but the basics, and I have worked on one mod only since started, Human Empires II: The Slave Wars (#II is just a continuation, seeing as its totally different from the original, but i still consider it the same mod). Email me at if you want, or just hit me back on here! THANKS!!!

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TheodorusBond Dec 22 2007 says: here's an example :D

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TheodorusBond Dec 22 2007 says:

hey man. i wanted to help u with da dark evo, but instead i'll just give u a link to a program which i used to make some of the sounds of units go freeky.
maybe u have somethin better (dont know cos i didnt play 1.2) but with not much effort u can change lots of sounds usin that.

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Psiyon Nov 16 2007 says:

Nevermind. Video card doesnt beat me. I beat video card.

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Psiyon Nov 16 2007 says:

Hey, since there are no PM's yet, I just wanted to say that my 8800 GTS blew up. No way to get anything, or work on anything until the company can send a replacement. And....

Expect that replacement to not come anytime soon. Maybe 1-2 months. Yeah. Not kidding.

PS: DAMN! Now I have nothing to do BUT get a life! Cause I cant use this computer that often... Or sleep.... Hmm..... I like the latter one.

PSS: Just got one last idea that could work, but odds are will phail.

PSSS: I probably wont be able to remain in contact with you at all, so good luck with everything.

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Strategia Jul 26 2007 says:

Pandut (the guy you're working with on the mod, he told me) said you were looking for voice actors. I'm ready and willing. Drop me a line at strategiainultima at gmail dot com.

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richuncleskeleton Jul 3 2007 says:

are you still looking for a voice actor for dark evolution, i'm an experienced voice actor and a gaming fan i thought i might combine the two so i can move into the gaming industry. contact me at with your requirements, script etc

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shadowoscar Creator
shadowoscar Apr 11 2007 says:

I'm here dude. The mod is also on. Check the profile.

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MasterXenocide Dec 10 2006 says:

I havn't seen you post online in a long time, whats up +). I still want to play your mod, but it never got uploaded.

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