I'm still beginner in mapping, I created some maps for Portal 2 (are in the workshop) and I'm always looking for mods / maps fun to play and learn new techniques for mapping.

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Portal: Project Beta

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Mod review

The idea of this mod is interesting but it shows how little time the development was for it, the core mechanic that attempts to replicate the game "Superhot" becomes itself the problem for the most part of it, is clearly unpolished and gets too in the way of the quick portal placement that the game seems to require, it is sometimes too inconsistent on wich situations will let you go slow or fast for example when you shoot your portals, and when you start getting hit by the shots, and if is more then 1 turret you're basically dead, since the slow mod is turned off and you have no time to react, i've suggested for him to turn on push back before.. but now i'm glad he didn't, plus, as far as i observed most of the "levolution" levels required precise steps to trigger each other leaving me more then once stuck in a empty room because i've found a "unintended" solution for the chamber and for that the "levolution" wouldn't trigger, in resume, is a good idea that unfortunately was rushed and released too early in my opinion.


Abandon: The Town

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well, i liked is rly good and is fun to play, some battles feel a little rushed, the lack of medstations is a bit annoying sometimes, about the story, i felt that it was missing something.. you arrive white forest and.. that's it =P... would be good to have (even if just a little) some gameplay where you break into the base and kill the combines securing the place, would assure the completion feeling, also, some captions would be good for people like me that kinda don't fully follow only spoken english, would help to understand better the story, some areas (most of them indoors) look a bit undetailed, it breaks the immersion a bit, rely only on lose medkits is a bit annoying.. but that's just nitpicks of course.. the voice acting is good, the music is rly rly great. specially the one on the bridge fight, the exterior areas are rly well done and good 2 look, at any moment i felt like i was wasting my time playing this mod.


Portal Stories : Mel

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Portal Stories: Mel
delivers what it promises, the mod have well-detailed environments that realy helps in immersion, and are very nice to look at, there is always something grabbing your attention, be they a poster, model, an architecture detail etc.. the puzzles are indeed logic based, although sometimes appear that they're rly complicated, the solution is almost always something that can come naturally when you stop and take a second look at it, is needed to say there is no re-teaching of the ABC's of Portal so it kinda assumes that you played at least one of the original games, the story is very interesting, it begins in the 50's and takes you back to the glory days of Aperture, you travel thru the place guided by Cave Johnson himself (which obviously isnt voiced by J.K. Simmons, but Harry101uk does a very nice job making him sound believable) to not give too many spoilers.. you are led to a relaxation vault, something goes wrong and you stay there longer than expected, you're woken up by someone and starts the journey to the surface, but that's where the problems start, first of all there is too much dialog, which is very good don't get me wrong, but if you rely on the subtitles, get ready to see some huge blocks of texts that will surely deviate your attention from the awesome scenarios at some points. Your partner most of the time is Virgil, an A.I core who wants to and help you and himself to escape. The actor voicing him is great and always sound very enthusiastic, but he is the one responsible for explaining to you the story... so... prepare your ears, also there is a recurring event in the story that is responsible for giving a sense of urgency to your actions, but unfortunately at least for me this had no effect at all, i never felt the sense of urgency that the event was suposed to pass... this is in no way fault of the developers since the limitations in the engine don't actualy helps them to show it happening everytime that the story adresses it, it doesn't ruins the story for me, but kinda breaks the immersion.
Overall as I said earlier, Portal Stories: Mel delivers what it promises, awesome visuals, puzzles based on logic and an interesting story, and best of all, it's free .. despite some problems here and there in the story the game still deserves your attention... so what are you waiting for? go play it.. NOW!!!!


Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles

Mod review may contain spoilers

Good mod, I liked the robot (Ross Scott WOW!!) and some of the puzzles, What is not so good -->IN MY OPINION<-- is the lack of sound (and sometimes detailing) on the levels.. it kind of breaks the immersion for me a little bit =\.


Portal Reborn

Mod review

A Minuted Millions

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The Citizen Returns

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Portal 2. Thinking with Time Machine.

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Nice mechanics but it has some problems the design is a little boring... (this being more of personal taste), and the lack of audio in the bts, besides all, i guess that worth playing since the time machine is very fun to use.

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