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sativarg Mar 10 2006 says:

on the homepage Be sure to click download wait.... and then again the green link is it.

+1 vote   mod: The Zone
sativarg Feb 19 2006 says:

I just started out. I love the Sound and Artwork thanks for the mod.

+1 vote   mod: The Zone
sativarg Jan 24 2006 says:

The Story Of Burning Snow ?? google cant find it in>>
"The Story Of Burning Snow"<<

Google sayes>>These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: the story of burning snow<<

Please update the data on this page to reflect the name of this mod so it exists or some thing.

By -intelligentsia | Thu 24th Jul, 2003 @ 2:38:56pm "over two years ago??"

Ok this is nice but I'm not seing "The Story Of Burning Snow"
January 5th 2006
We are back online!

Well, where to start...?

Happy new year!

First, let me apologize for the 3 months or so that we've been offline. We lost our domain name and as always, were too busy to fix it. Now, thanks to Apy and Chuck at Fileplanet, we finaly have a new domain. I suggest you take the opportunity to bookmark our new address:

Now, there is something quite special comming up, a brand new patch (that sounds kinda lame, but beleive me, it is not...)! This patch (version 1.1) will contain many new additions to the game and also contain the FPS fix by Gorkon.

Here is some of the most important features:

-New weapons and armors traders, to make it much easier to aquire the nice looking stuff.

-A new creature

-Companions that level up and have different personalities

-Wintervale houses that you can buy

-More rewards

-Graphical enhancements and misc tweaks

-Include previous patches

The release is due in a few days, 'til then, enjoy the snow... hurg...

Xill - Alias Pionata

+1 vote   mod: Wizards' Islands - The Story Of Burning Snow
sativarg Jan 24 2006 says:

link broke^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

google never heard of "Island of Rilam" or Rilam + morrowind

+1 vote   mod: Island of Rilam
sativarg Jul 20 2005 says:

Are better buttons
Happy buttons
good buttons
Mod buttons
Thank You.

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