Currently working on SabiCube, A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements.

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sandsound Jul 14 2014, 12:14pm replied:

Thanks for the kind words, and the win-binarys :-) I'll add them to my next upload. I have been working on a classical rpg-style game that I hope to finish soon.

Regarding the code, some portions are better explained than others, and I had to do a lot of trial and error myself. I have tried to use explanatory names for things I have added myself. From what I understand, a shorter name might speed up execution (depending on your compiler), but imo it should still be possible to make them human readable.
Most of the documentation is scattered around the web, but I found this site to be very useful in understanding the mapformat, even if it isn't up to date:

The map-size have always been a problem with Cube, I have tried to work around it, but it makes it almost impossible to make an "open world" game. I have some ideas on how to make preloads faster, and use a lot of small maps tilled (like morrowind or half-life), but havent figured out how to make the monsters follow me from one "tile" to another, at least not yet.

I have thought about moving to TheDarkMod's engine, but even thou they have a lot of nice things, it's still a lot of work, so I'll stick with what I have for now, and try to find a way around the shortcomings of Cube2.
But if you ever manage to make a co-op editor for Ogre, I would love to see it, and the function for heightmap generating sounds intriguing, I love math, thou I might not always understand it :-)

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sandsound Jul 10 2014, 11:47am replied:

Thanks :-)

I didn't get much response to the 1.2 release, so I was thinking about dropping the project. It's my first real C/C++ project, and thou I do get some helpful hints from my husband, it's hard to do this alone without input from others, so I really appreciate any help I can get.

I would love to hear your ideas regarding deformable terrain, I have been trying to fix the model-collision, but I'm a long way from having anything usable.

I just tried downloading the file from filedropper, but it seams empty?
Do you have a github or similar site for your work?

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sandsound Apr 1 2014, 4:13pm says:

I expect to release SabiCube 1.2 some time this month (mid April).

1.2 contain some nice new additions, and ZetaProject should be playable again.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, you can access the development-version on github.
It would be nice if someone tested it before I release it, so I can iron out the minor bugs, and if you want to help improve the hudguns, I have included a .blend of the playerhands, and a md5-export Script for Blender 2.63 in the "tools"-folder.

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sandsound Dec 21 2013, 4:08am replied:

I'm looking into making a bootable image with SabiCube and a small distro, but I'm not planning to release anything new before the npc-dialog is complete, so you might have to wait a couple of months.

atm. we are only two working on the project, and none of us use win/mac, so unless someone else manage to build it (or make a manual for others), the prospect of a win/mac release is very unlikely.

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sandsound Nov 8 2013, 8:42am says:

Just a little heads up to anyone following the development.

As some of you might know, Metro Last Light was just released for Linux, so things might slow down a bit for the next weeks, but I'll be back ;-)

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sandsound Oct 25 2013, 2:24pm says:

Theres a minor bug in SabiCube 1.1 when you create a new game/map. It is fixed in the github-version, but if you dont want to update via git, you can just edit the cfg-file yourself, after the map is loaded.

Once You have created a map, you will get the error:
Could not read /packages/base/ageofreason/sabitest/triggers.cfg

Click "F1" for editmode and click "F3" for the main edit menu, here you select the tab to the right named "cfg", and edit the line:
exec packages/base/ageofreason/sabitest/triggers.cfg
to this:
exec packages/base/ageofreason/monastary/triggers.cfg
save the file, reload your map and you are done.

The best way organize your project, is to make your own "gamename" folder in /packages/base/ and the copy the files you need for inventory, gamevars triggers and other scripts. This require some light editing in your MapName.cfg, so instead of pointing to:
exec packages/base/ageofreason/monastary/triggers.cfg
your cfg-file should point to:
exec packages/base/yourgamename/triggers.cfg

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sandsound Oct 21 2013, 4:58am replied:

>>Editing & compiling source code is not really like playing a game though, is it?

Well for me it is :-) but I understand your concerns.
I'm trying to make a range of open-source monsters available, and modding the individual monsters via scripting is no problem, you just can't add more monsters than is defined in the code, so far I have 18 game-ready.

All maps are available from the start menu (I added a file-browser for maps and config-files), and since I only have one "complete" game, I haven't included scripting for other games. but you are right that the final result should be more intuitive to the end-user.

I was thinking about separating the editor and the "games" part, and make a real launcher for games with updating/installing and settings, only problem is to make it cross-platform. I mostly do Py-GTK or QT, and I have no idea how they work on Mac/Win.

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sandsound Oct 19 2013, 1:49pm replied:

I have tried to make all command-line options available in the gui, at least the ones I use myself (just click F3 in editmode).
Please leave a note in the forum if you miss anything.

Items, npc's and sounds are scriptable, but monsters and weapons are hardcoded:

Adding custom monsters to the source is quite easy, and if your models fit the open-source license, I'd gladly add them.
Adding custom weapons is a bit tricky, so I'm currently trying to rewrite that part, making them scriptable.

Regarding distributing episodes, I haven't given it much thought yet. Some of the things I'd like to do, are just not possible with the current gui, so I either have to get creative... or switch to lua-scripting.
For now, you'll have to add a menu-entry to the main menu, just like ZetaProject:

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sandsound Oct 13 2013, 12:41pm replied:

One of the reasons I started this project, was the lack of games on Linux, I use Linux for everything else and was tired of having to dual-boot.
I have very little experience compiling on Windows, and since the release of Steam for Linux, I no longer have a Windows environment to compile the source on.

But if someone else want to compile it for Windows or Mac, I'd be happy to include these in the next release.

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sandsound Oct 12 2013, 3:28pm replied:

You just gave me a great idea :-)

It would be cool to make an iso-image with a minimalistic distro and SabiCube, something like did.

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sandsound Sep 6 2013, 8:10pm replied:

If you don't want to loose your current os, you can always dual-boot.

You should be able to fit a minimal install of Ubuntu and SabiCube on less than 10Gb.

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sandsound Sep 5 2013, 11:14am says:

The github-version now have lots of new stuff.

* mana
* playerskill manaregeneration
* basic alchemy inspired by morrowind (scripting not complete)
* playerskill alchemy allow player to make better potions
* new hudguns sword and magic
* new hud with 10 slots, tied to hotkeys
* all inventory-items can be placed and used in the new hud
* new npcs and monsters
* notifier when player have gathered enough experience for a level
* lots of bugfixes, and lots of interesting new bugs
* dynamic switching of gui-skin
* new start background

There are no 32-bit binarys yet, since development mainly is done on a 64-bit system, but one can be provided if anyone is interrested.

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sandsound Sep 2 2013, 6:13pm says:

Tanks all for the nice comments :-)

I have just updated SabiCube on github and wanted to warn that from now on, the github-version is highly experimental, and not to be considered stable, while I work on implementing the new game-style, so if you do wish to test it, I advise to keep the two versions separated.
The new game (working title "Age of reason"), is far from finished, but many of the basic requirements for a traditional rpg, are working on an elemental level.

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sandsound Aug 29 2013, 1:11pm replied:

Or Code::Blocks if you prefer open-source ;-)

There's a .cbp file (Code Blocks project) in the src/vccp folder, but it might need some tweaking.

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sandsound Aug 26 2013, 4:15pm replied:

regarding last map of ZetaProject... I made a quick walkthrough (just the basic stuff) here in the forum:

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sandsound Aug 24 2013, 1:17pm replied:

Sorry about that, it's a bug. if you try to run it should reset your encumbrance.

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sandsound Aug 23 2013, 6:37pm replied:

Please note that the included binarys are for Linux.

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sandsound Aug 23 2013, 3:22pm replied:

I'm sorry but I can't be of much help regarding Win or Mac.

The document "docs/dev/wikistuff.html" contain the original cube2-documentation, and compiling SabiCube should be possible using this approach.

If you do manage to compile it, I'll be happy to include it in the next release.

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sandsound Aug 23 2013, 2:34pm replied:

If you are using Linux, you can launch the game using the sabicube_unix launcher. This release only includes 32 and 64-bit linux binarys, so if you are using Win or Mac, you have to compile your own executable.

You can find more information on the game here:

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sandsound Jun 10 2013, 8:00pm says:

If you download from github, you will be getting the Beta2 version atm.

I plan to package and upload Beta2 to Moddb as soon as possible.

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sandsound Jun 7 2013, 2:00pm replied:

Thanks :-)

I have made a simple wiki on github:

If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

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sandsound May 13 2013, 7:28pm replied:

Thanks :-)

I don't know much about Mac's, but compiling on a Mac should be fairly simple. There's a guide at our github-wiki on installing/compiling.

Alternatively you can always install Linux on your Mac ;-)

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sandsound May 12 2013, 9:26pm says:

I have updated the version on Github, added new maps, voice and item value/weight.

I'm currently working on adding text-to-voice to the engine, there's a demo in the start of the game ZetaProject.

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sandsound Apr 2 2013, 8:40pm replied:

The male models was first implemented after I had made the first maps. I can really only think of one instance (a logfile) but please let me know if you find any more, these are so easy to overlook as the project grow.

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sandsound Apr 2 2013, 8:29pm replied:

Sorry my Spanish is a bit rusty, but I'm always happy to receive positive feedback :-)

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sandsound Apr 1 2013, 6:10pm says:

First step done :-)

Now I just have to clean up a bit and upload, Github have a 1Gb limit, and atm. SabiCube is about 500Mb and I might set up separate repositories for models and textures.

btw... the Fony-commercials on moddb is driving me crazy, and it's making the decision to move everything to Github easy.

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sandsound Mar 31 2013, 2:06pm replied:

You should be able to use the data/keymap.cfg from RE, or just add keymap 160 -> 255 (world_0 -> world_95).

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sandsound Mar 27 2013, 11:53am replied:

Thanks :-)

I'll have a look at the keys for the next release.

atm. there's no save option, but it's on my to-do list for the next release, along with extending the skill-tree and custom-skins for the gui.

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sandsound Feb 18 2013, 6:28pm says:

Alpha2 is out. get this instead.

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sandsound Feb 17 2013, 2:37pm replied:

Thank you :-)

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