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Samurai1789 Feb 25 2015, 2:34am says:

Hello guys and gals, just to inform you i am almost done with V.S.4 for When Earth Falls, so once that is done i am going to focus on War Dogs. I will also release a news article prior to the release of W.D.V.S.1.
(War Dogs Vertical Slice 1).

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Samurai1789 Sep 30 2014, 6:32pm replied:

god no! Just do not expect to see this for a long time but we will get there

+1 vote   news: Update 3
Samurai1789 Oct 6 2013, 6:03pm says:

it does have potential thank you for commenting we need more of that.

+1 vote   news: Update 3
Samurai1789 Sep 18 2013, 6:57am replied:

Hello we are making a open world singleplayer Stargate game that will be free to play for everyone and later add multiplayer. Any ideas? Questions? here is the link to our forum let us know: if you want to help let us know

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Samurai1789 Aug 27 2013, 5:26pm says:

Hey since i cannot seem to contact you here is my idea: I and my friend are working on epic games that will be fun main idea for now is to make open world western for pc and later consoles but we are only two guys as well we are also working on first person gladiator game now the thing is we need scripters like you and your friend to help me design these games that i promise you will like if you agree and your friend and see this until its done you will both get free copy of my games and "possible" employment in our company. If you are interested and think your friends can help too? Great they will recive 60% discount when buying our games. Contact me via email : this is real
no spam with respect Samurai1789

Open world western is called "War Dogs" as its working title
And the gladiator game is called Slaves of the Sword also on pc.

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Samurai1789 Jun 26 2013, 4:05pm replied:

Hard hard hard if you want to help and even get a hands on this copy or other game for free go over to complete a form or both and read some articles. And register... Cheers

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Samurai1789 May 26 2013, 1:58pm replied:

if you read the news section we say that the vary first beta 0.001 will contain weapons and enemies from Unity FPS tutorial in other words aliens but this is just because we are testing Unity physics as whell as ragdoll tests.The reason why beta is still not released is because of the ragdolls but we are finishing it. And the map its self is just temporary.

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Samurai1789 May 26 2013, 10:17am says:

I apologize for not releasing beta yet, we are doing it slowly it took more time then wee assumed just for future i will tell you how close are we to making new beta and all that but release dates will be done when wee are 100% sure. Do not worry it will not take another week just 2-3 days.

Thank you for watching and tracking this game. With respect:
Samurai1789 Elza d.o.o.

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Samurai1789 May 18 2013, 4:26am replied:

Sorry to say its not. I apologize for not telling a specific date, do to real life issues that have emerged beta will be released in friday and tomorrow i will make a development log with my new web cam. Thank you for your comment.

+2 votes   game: War Dogs
Samurai1789 May 18 2013, 4:22am says:

When will we see a bounty board like for that old version in mount and blade? Random bounty's that where near the sheriffs office? Love your mod and guys feel free to check my western game on indie db:

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