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has been wizzing by. Studying to become an engineer literally takes most of my daily life. Weeks fly by like they are mere minutes. In between all that I look for entertainment.
Ironically even though I play allot of games, I only recently finally admitted to being a fully fledged gamer. I was playing games for fun mostly, my parents drilled the thought of me being an academic into my head. But i couldn't deny what I really was, a gamer. So with that settled I moved up a level as you might have noticed. I entered the competitive gaming scene. Another place I didn't really imagine myself being. But sadly the gaming for 'fun' as you would know it, is past.

My studies are basically my live now, but competitive gaming did give me one thing...balance. Embracing both of my fortes. So I practice gaming like any normal person would practice sport. One thing that did happen though is my old clan, d4Rk*Company fell apart sadly. We pushed ourselves too far too fast, and without proper precautions in place for where we ended up, half out team couldn't take it anymore. So I'm in a different clan, but at least I don't have to manage it anymore, which is a big weight off my shoulders.

I do miss the rp, but the balance I acquired means sacrificing some things. The rp takes huge amounts of time, time I don't have. Being an experienced rp'er (well at least in the SW one), if I were to rejoin it, my side would look up to me to lead them to victory. But I cant lead with the amount of time given to me, and I hate letting people down.

Being a gamer on a competitive level I usually look for ever bigger challenges in games. I recently found a very challenging game called DayZ, a zombie survival mod for the military simulator called ArmA 2. This game is super hardcore, and insanely addictive. Because there are no respawns, no revives, and that is the ultimate rush, next to being in real war. Unfortunately I don't have the time for it anymore, so that's another chapter gone. I keep coming back to Battlefield 3, mainly because the games on there are fast and sweet.

The only other thing I might make time for is developing my story. Headhunter already made a little review of it xD. But I need 3rd party input and interest to make that project get off the ground. basically I need help writing it, because there is allot of research involved.

So to sum up my life looks like this: MATH, science!, TESTS(every day, no jokes), and bf3(eXplosioNs!). Just felt I'd update who ever is worrying about me, being so inactive on moddb, so there you go. And to those who read it to the end, here is a cookie!

Sab3r Out.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM That cookie was really nice, with those little specs of chocolate and the fine texture of the biscuit MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM =(-)

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