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my first year at uni is almost done. I can't believe how fast this year went by. Time really does speed up as you grow older. And boy did I work my ass off. It's been a huge adaption to uni life.

Since my last blog post it's been rough, not only work, but keeping the balance between gaming and work. On top of that I had a huge crisis just a few weeks ago. My IT project files were copied(stolen by one of my closest friends and given to a random person who used it) and I had to go through a very stressful process of clearing my name. Imagine your worst exam stress x1000. At this lowest point, I had to go write math exam, the hardest test of them all.

But all that has past, and when all else failed I put my trust in God and sure enough, even though things looked really bad, it was not as it seemed. My name was cleared and believe me...after all that, no exam stress will make me feel anything.

One thing that gave me comfort throughout the last 6 months of this year was the constants that took me the first half of the year to set up: Moddb is always there and there is always something new and interesting here and I've got a great group of ppl around me here; Monstercat Media has made life so much more chilled with their releases, can't imagine how I would go back without them; The balance between gaming and studies has mostly cemented itself. I don't have to lead a clan anymore. Even though I'm now the lead tank squad commander in HpX, the work load is way less than being captain of the whole team.

In gaming news, I've spent the past month or two playing in the Planetside 2 beta. It's a hugely intense game, with massive battles. Imagine BF3 x100. It's an MMOFPS and 100% free to play and I think it's the future of FPS gaming.

In general news, Twitter has really been paying off. Early beta access, won a T-Shirt and to the minute news on everything I need(or rather want) to know about.
With my final exam on Tuesday the 20th (Day of Planetside 2 launch yeah!), my vacation starts and boy do I need one.

Now this actually means something for those that follow me on Moddb. It means I have time to myself! I can now take on all those projects I never had time for in the past. I'll now release more Youtube vids and you will see much more entertainment content from my side. Maybe more stories, images ect. Will try to work on my sketching, seeing as I found some seed of talent in that (or the fact that I've been staring at an artist's work for over a year and his style might have rubbed off on me).

So stay tuned, if my laziness doesn't get better of me, great things to come! Motivation and feedback is always welcome. A person's work always evolves and grows as a result of the feedback from the community. Just ask Arcones I think he will agree with me :)

Saber Out!


I do!

Also, I haven't mentioned it but I've been wanting you to post more videos :D

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Sab3rr Author

I'm wondering if I should use that first pic in all my blogs, like a blog mascot lol

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Your dragon and your signature thing look cool.
And best of luck with your final exam. :D

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Sab3rr Author


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Interesting you still call that person a friend after stealing your files.

But I agree with you on the God matter, the Lord taketh and the Lord cleared... Your name :D

Also, I'm pretty adapt in a tank too. Maybe include some of that in my training?

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Sab3rr Author

I'll send u my BF3 tank notes!

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