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LivaLink is the latest First Person Survival Shooter from Ben4Views. It takes place in the future and has the well known "Aliens have come to kill you, kill them first" theme. Overall, this package is fun to play with, but will leave you wondering why the developer put so little into it.

Presentation: The game has a familiar look to it. At first glance, you might think BorderLands but once you get into it, it has it's own surprises. The menu is nice which gives a good first impression, but once you find out how little options the game has, the excitement drops a bit. There are only 2 maps and 3 types of enemies. The map design is linear but visually appealing. The enemies on the other hand, look very low quality and un-appealing. The music on the other hand is there, but very little. Only 1-2 tracks exist.

Gameplay: Aside from the visuals, the game-play is very basic. You have your standard modern day weapons with a futuristic coating on top. The recoil for the main assault rifle is very frustrating and hard to use, but it gets the job done. The A.I. is challenging which saves this game from being instant boredom. There are a few other weapons in the game, but none of them are game changers. After completing my first play through of the game, everything became repetitive. The weapons were fun to use, but I wish the game had more to offer.

Verdict: LivaLink suffers from being generic, but it does have it's moments. The developer states there will be updates in the future that include more maps, weapons, and enemies so this game could have a bright future. The fact that it's only 10$ makes it worth your money, but not more than that(at the moment).

Visuals: 7.5 (Appealing maps and menu, but poor enemy design)
Gameplay: 7 (Challenging A.I., decent game-play)
Audio: 7 (Nice music but not enough. Sound effects are solid)
Lasting Appeal: 6.5 (Fun for a short while, but repetitive afterwards)

Final Score: 6 (Decent game-play, lacks originality)

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