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Greetings, stranger. Welcome to my page. I am Ori'verda AKA Milos and I currently live in the Netherlands. I like games, girls, books, movies and teamwork. Also I enjoy discussing about religion, politics, history and such affairs. And ignore the fact that a lot of my groups are Science-Fiction related, I love Sci-Fi for good reasons! ☢ ☢ ☢ P.S. The video with the redhead is not porn! I may be a crazy Serbian but I'm not that crazy. Besides that I'm a goof, in fact to show you I am going to fill up the my description with random banter, why? Yeah you guessed it, I'm not that strange or weird it is in fact to get a HTML code to work, if you don't know what that is good luck. Regardless I suppose I should continue filling out this description field according to that manual so I can get a cooler description, I don't know if that makes sense to you but according to the manual it works so it must work right? Well it should otherwise you would not be seeing this... Or would you? SRB FTW!

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Ori`verda Jul 20 2015, 4:04am says:

Dan 20?

Jebi me! Od mene prave pastir!


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Ori`verda Jul 4 2015, 12:49pm says:

Isn't the rebellion still technically going or was peace declared and the USA recognized as a sovereign nation?

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Ori`verda Jul 4 2015, 12:47pm says:

Day 4.

They have noticed! My life may be in peril.

Milos over and out.

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Ori`verda Jul 4 2015, 12:45pm says:

All hail her majesty Sakura Matou I, queen of Mod DB and the realms of Desura and Indie DB.

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Ori`verda Jul 3 2015, 6:10am says:

Day 3.

They have not yet noticed be leeching their WiFi.

Milos over and out.

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Ori`verda Jul 2 2015, 1:22pm says:

Day 2.

I met with a smaller tribe and got WiFi.

Milos over and out.

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Ori`verda Jul 1 2015, 1:03pm says:

Day 1.

The tribes are hostile and it's hot here.

Milos over and out.

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Ori`verda Jun 28 2015, 3:16pm says:

I did notice a curious lack of pestering but I couldn't place my finger on it...

D'awww sweet junior romance. Welp good luck with that and the military, congratulations on graduation too!

I expect you back after training, you hear? An RP without NameGen is like bread without wheat.

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Ori`verda Jun 27 2015, 3:45pm says:

Any tips for Klingon versus Borg matches?

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Ori`verda Jun 27 2015, 5:09am says:

The Arbiters of Ossus are located on Ossus obviously. They are led by six Jedi Masters and have about two dozen Knights and several platoons of Federation troopers.

Master 1 - The Grand Master - Xan Don-karr
Human male, wields two Lightsabers and uses the most advanced Lightsaber powers I am designing.

Master 2 - The Shadow - Osk Tu'Sei
Female Bothan, uses stealth primarily but when cornered relies on Form IX.

Master 3 - The General - Ironburn
Male Twi'lek, uses fire-based Force powers including Force Inferno.

Master 4 - The Mediator - Khras
Male Thrandoshan, uses Spirit-based Force powers and Force Alliance.

Master 5 - The Guardian - Daniala Raven
Human female, uses ice-based Force powers.

Master 6 - The Elder - Neemo Gelruud
Human male, uses old-style abilities and is the weakest of the six.

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Ori`verda Jun 26 2015, 2:10am replied:

M.I. does the dying. Fleet just does the flying.

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Ori`verda Jun 25 2015, 3:30pm says:

I never get gifts ;-;

Not that I actually want to receive unearned presents from my friends' spoils. Diligence and hard work reward in time... That and birthdays.

I digress, congratulations Wout!

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Ori`verda Jun 22 2015, 11:29am says:

"What do you mean, crackermonster?"

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Ori`verda Jun 22 2015, 4:25am replied:

Nah I live in Holland. Going to the motherland on vacation.

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Ori`verda Jun 20 2015, 7:28am says:

Perhaps this was meant to be ironic and is taken out of context?

More responses like the above from this particular user would be appreciated to compare before I begin questioning the intelligence of another human being and consider moving off-world.

Surely no one could be this... Simple-minded in regards to both grammar and the content of the message.

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Ori`verda Jun 20 2015, 4:35am replied:


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Ori`verda Jun 20 2015, 4:30am says:

Tank/basic foot soldier. Heavy personal shield and armour yet highly mobilized. Able to harness the mechanically augmented Force to move in multi-dimensional space. Blades exchangeable for resonance waves (disc launchers).

Fragile, agile, snake-like. Tentacles able to move individually and travel distances of several meters, enter and seize control of an individual. Staff summons protective seals/barriers.

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Ori`verda Jun 17 2015, 5:58am says:


1 Participation Point awarded to NameGen.
1 Participation Point awarded to AK151.
1 Participation Point awarded to Praxis.
3 Skill Points awarded to Lord of Pain.

Unclaimed and hidden items will be redistributed in other events as possible. These include:
- Force Power Holocron (Randomized).
- Armour "Twisted dark spine".
- Armour "Armour of Darkness".
- Sith Sword "Blade of Hatred".

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Ori`verda Jun 14 2015, 3:37pm says:

Darth Kay seems to have left no signs of his presence whatsoever. Lok approaches the area where the dread lord stood and examines the twisted spine, its bones twitch slightly once Lok nears it and he notices dried layers of blood covered by the burning crimson of fresh blood upon it.

Bones and the carrion of fallen adventurers with rended flesh barely attached.

The Massassi fully explore the temple, at least whatever they could find. There is an armory and a dead end that Lok and his fellows did not find.

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Ori`verda Jun 12 2015, 5:28pm replied:

It's mine! Don't touch!

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Ori`verda Jun 12 2015, 12:50pm replied:

Which I will never use!

Still dibs on the image, no touching es ist mein!

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Ori`verda Jun 12 2015, 11:26am says:

Aside from the skeletal black bone ribcage left behind by Darth Kay the Massassi are unable to provide Lok with any information, they explain that this temple was forbidden to them and they have no recollection of ever coming here or serving the false master.

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Ori`verda Jun 12 2015, 2:27am says:

I am with the last camp and believe aid is hurting Africa by making them dependent. Although admittedly it is an odd situation considering that during all these years of having a decent amount of natural resources the populations of African nations disregard constructing and maintenaning infrastructure.

The most blatant insult to humankind and growth displayed is a lack of ideas, it's almost as if they wish to go extinct! How many of you guys have seen those commercials where they say that Africans have to walk for days to get to water, why not move closer to it or divert the river towards yourself? STD ravaging the population? Certainly you would put two and two together and realize what you're doing wrong!

Excuse me if the above is extremely uneducated.

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Ori`verda Jun 8 2015, 7:17am says:

1 Optional Participation Point for Pain.
1 Skill Point for AK.

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Ori`verda Jun 8 2015, 7:16am says:

Adare, Elias and the corpse of Lancer Mikal return to Hutt space where the Zabrak bodyguard claims the reward on her former employer. Elias sends two images to the Empire, one of the deceased Lancer and another of a warehouse in Ackbar City on Vandor-3 in the Coruscant system. When a group of Stormtroopers goes to check they find the maggot-ridden remains of the pirate lord.

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Ori`verda Jun 8 2015, 7:11am says:

The dread lord smirked audibly which gave way to a series of chuckles that climaxed in hysterical laughter. He twisted his neck sideways and cast an unnerving glance at the adventurers.

"Your thoughts betray you."

Darth Kay turned around sluggishly, facing away from the group.

"I'm done with this place, enjoy picking apart my scraps and each other's throats."

With that he vanished into shadow. The Terentateks and Massassi remained motionless for a moment until one suddenly moved forward and pointed towards the Force-users. "Zo tiesa tsis!" All Massassi looked curiously for a split second before falling to their knees in reverence.

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Ori`verda Jun 8 2015, 6:52am says:

Consider it dealt with.

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Ori`verda Jun 7 2015, 5:14am says:

Dat blow, dat ***, dat Wout.

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Ori`verda Jun 5 2015, 9:52am says:

Hey Loner, what do you think of the recent HTML changes? Good or bad?

For me personally it messed up a lot of things and makes the creation of articles a lot harder without the inclusion of any new functions.

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Ori`verda Jun 5 2015, 8:32am replied:

Dat ded guy is like "i iz ded, meh!"

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