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Xerender prototype armour
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The custom set of armour crafted by Skye Sunrider in association with several Jedi Guardians and Historians. Inspired by the Imperial Knights.

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This double-bladed lightsaber contains a blue colour crystal and a dual-phase mechanism, allowing the wielder to activate or deactivate it one blade at a time.


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SkillA I - II - III
SkillB I - II - III - IV
SkillC I - II

Prestige Class: None

Spare Points: 0.
Spent Points: 0.
Slots: 0 (of 0).

Character Summary

Skye Sunrider, an Imperial-turned-Jedi with a darker side locked away within a noble heart. This Jedi Knight is devout in his mission to rid the galaxy of the tyranny of the Sith.

The Story of Skye Sunrider

Skye Sunrider was born on an Imperial world, with a family staunchly loyal to the Empire. His father taught him at a young age that loyalty is one of the most important qualities in a man; this lesson is one Skye would take to heart and carry with him for his entire life. When Skye started displaying an affinity for the Force, his parents taught him to hide his abilities, as while they were loyal to the Empire, the same could not be said for the Sith.

As he aged, Skye started realizing that the Empire and the Sith were more similar than his parents would have liked to believe. So he left. One day, he confronted his parents, and explained that he could not be loyal to a faction as monstrous as the Empire. His father, contrary to being furious, was proud of his son for making his decisions on his own. They parted on good terms, despite their opposing views. The boy was sixteen when he left.

Skye left to seek out the resistance, but soon realized that such a task would prove to be impossible. The Jedi were scattered, and their allies were in hiding. So Skye took to the underworld, hiding out on Nar Shaddaa like so many others. Old habits die hard, so Skye kept from using the Force for much more than precognition and subtle manipulations, instead focusing on honing his still with blades and even blasters.

After nearly a year in hiding, Skye found that the underworld ill-suited him. Fortunately, it wasn't long before the Galactic Federation came into existence. When he learned of this, Skye spent every credit to his name to get on a flight to Eriadu, and before long he found himself at the Jedi temple. Despite his age, they allowed him to become a member of the new, steadily growing Jedi Order.

Skye's habit of suppressing his Force abilities quickly began to hamper him, and for a long time he was stuck in a rut, unable to do more than move a rock with the Force. However, his skill with a blade began to develop, and it wasn't long before it was clear that his calling would be that of the Jedi Guardians. For ten years he trained with the powerful Echani Jedi Battlemaster known as Darius Solomon, until, finally, they bestowed upon him the title of Jedi Knight.

Once he had moved on past his apprenticeship, Skye quickly made the decision to join the Federation Navy. His education with his Imperial family, as well as his experience in the underworld and a great deal of reading on the side in addition to his Jedi training, gave him a fair amount of tactical insight. While far from the best commander, he was a quick learner, and proved to be capable and fast-thinking, even under pressure.

When the Federation became the Republic and began to grow weary of war, Skye was detached from the Navy and forced to return to the Jedi Order. Skye served with the Navy at Bakura, Mechis and Bastion under Malan Drayson's command.

While Skye has overcome his previous limitations with the Force, his abilities are not nearly as honed as some others, and he prefers to use his blade in combat. In that he excels. His father's lessons on loyalty are still with him, and he will never abandon the Federation-now-Republic, he serves, even if that loyalty costs him his life.

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