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0 comments by rgex570 on Mar 9th, 2011

Original sound design by Marios Aristopoulos ©.

For demonstration purposes only. All video copyright belongs to Funcom ©.

The music track that is heard is from Bjork: Violently happy ©

I have replaced all the audio with my sound design. All recordings are original and were made by me except two samples of 'concrete debris' and 'glass breaking' which were taken from sfx libraries.

Equipment used: Logic Pro 9, Soundtrack Pro 9, Final Cut express, Zoom H4 recorder, 3 Japanese Katanas, a kitchen with some nice milkshakes, and many burned packs of matches!

Thank you for watching!

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0 comments by rgex570 on Jan 14th, 2011

Over 50 audio tracks where used for this clip. The majority of the tracks are my own edited field recordings. The robot sounds where made from manipulating the sound of household equipment such as electric drills, camera lenses and metallic objects. The explosions and gun sounds were taken from sfx libraries but were heavily edited and mixed with my own sounds of hammers, steam boillers, coins and some broken glasses :)

The recordings where made using a Zoom H4 mike and the software used was mainly Soundtrack Pro.

Animation made by Yannis Ziakas.

Effects used: Delay Designer, Distortion, Channel EQ, linear phase EQ, Spectral Gate, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pitch Sifter II, Space Designer, Excister, SubBass, Mac OSX Pitch, Time Stretch, Reverse.

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0 comments by rgex570 on Dec 14th, 2010

Here are two teaser videos from Roma Surectum II with my original music:

Instrumentation: Male Choir, 6 French Horns, Taiko and timpani drums, Cello and Double Bass Section,

Performed by myself in Logic Pro using East West and Vienna VSTs.
Video by Naxzul666

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