Brazilian, 20 years old, gamer, guitarist and mathematician (hell yeah, I take math classes at college). That's all you need to know.

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Vice Cry

Mod review - 1 agree

Sweet mother of god! This mod has made Vice City look like a completly new game, even tough it retains some things from the Rockstar engine (nothing that the team behind Vice Cry could do). It is a must have mod.


Black Mesa

Mod review

The best mod that I've ever played! It recreates Half Life with cutting edge graphic design, which makes you feel that you're not playing a 2000's game, but a (at least) 2010 one. Pretty much everything has been revamped, including every single item I could look at. New textures, new sounds, new models and everything a great game should have.

Sounds are amazing, they make you feel immersed into the game world. The AI are smarter, now giving the game a new challenge.

I am waiting anxiously for the Xen part. I really hope it doesn't take another few years to be released, but I know that it will be awesome anyway.