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redrich Jan 22 2015 says:

The yellow makes me think Zann Consortium, as does the structure style slightly, but I highly doubt anything like that would be included.

So, yeah, probably CIS stuff.

+2 votes   media: Unusual Sightings
redrich Apr 7 2013 says:

When in doubt, raise a rebel fist! Also...does that binary translate to anything? Just wondering.

+2 votes   media: Hex Gen Logo 2.0
redrich Apr 1 2013 says:

And nobody gets the joke. Look at the date people. Seriously....

+4 votes   news: Happy April! :)
redrich Apr 1 2013 says:

....Is it wrong that I genuinely wish this would be in the final product?

+5 votes   media: A New Direction...
redrich Feb 4 2013 says:

I like trains.

+6 votes   media: On a train
redrich Dec 18 2012 says:

I have been watching this mod and I must say, it looks extremely interesting. I'm not a modder, let alone someone with moding experience, so I can't tell you if a demo would be a viable option.

However, as for the voice acting...I'd love to volunteer if I knew what roles you needed and if I could fit them. Either way, I wish you good luck and look forward to seeing the demo if you decide to release it.

+1 vote   news: Playable Demo Release?
redrich Dec 15 2012 says:

So, will these ships be drivable vehicles? NPC vehicles? Static models? I'm looking forward to seeing them in-game regardless. They're very nice.

+1 vote   news: Rendered Ships
redrich Dec 13 2012 says:

Very interesting design. It's a like hybridization of a Y-Wing and a Klingon Bird of Prey... I like it!

+1 vote   media: Ship Design
redrich Nov 22 2012 says:

Just as beautiful and intriguing as the last. Keep it up.

+1 vote   media: Concept Art
redrich Nov 15 2012 says:

I've been watching this for awhile and am simply amazed by every update you put out. Can't wait to start splunking.

+2 votes   media: Cave system
redrich Nov 10 2012 replied:

The radar would be an excellent example of what I am thinking. As well as simpler tasks (or perhaps not, from a programming perspective, I have no knowledge in that area) such as redirecting power via the 'Access Reactor' button to perhaps shut down defensive turrets. Or maybe shut off the lights, to assist with a stealth mission. Maybe even get more complex within such a simple task. Say, for example, you need to hack a door. But the section, including the terminal that is linked to said door, is powered down. So, you need to find a terminal linked to that section's power network and redistribute power to the other section. This could have unforeseen consequnces for the player, such as the sections defenses activating in addition to the door terminal. Or maybe activating an alarm that summons more enemies that must be shut off from another terminal. I could keep going on, but I think you get the idea.

+1 vote   media: Silent Assault Gameplay
redrich Nov 10 2012 says:

Hmm....very mysterious indeed! Great work!

+1 vote   media: We're not in Kansas anymore...
redrich Nov 10 2012 says:

Looks like you're coming along nicely. I like the hacking system, but I'm curious. What are the point of the other options, like applications, in the terminal menus? Will they be used in other hacking scenarios, like gathering information rather than opening doors? Or do they simply serve as distractions?

+1 vote   media: Silent Assault Gameplay
redrich Oct 23 2012 says:

...I freely admit, that scared me when I first noticed the eyes. Awesome job.

+5 votes   media: Dark Is The Void
redrich Oct 3 2012 says:

Deep Purple? Must be Space Truckin'.

+1 vote   media: Deep Purple Something
redrich Sep 21 2012 says:

Cheese, cheese for everyone! ....No, scratch that. Cheese for no one. Great work.

+3 votes   media: Say cheese!
redrich Sep 19 2012 says:

Oh, how I miss the wonderfulness of Star Wars Galaxies....

+1 vote   media: Ye-4 Gunship
redrich Sep 15 2012 says:

Looks good. Can't wait.

+1 vote   news: LC Silent Assault Announcement
redrich Aug 29 2012 says: kill like overkill, eh?

+5 votes   media: What Happens If You Pirate Movies / Cars / Food
redrich Jun 1 2012 says:

The Three Stooges of the Apocalypse.

+3 votes   media: Dumbass Trio in the Abyss
redrich Apr 30 2012 says:

It's like you took the sonic screwdriver and combined it with a hydrospanner....I like.

+1 vote   media: Blockade Runner Spanner
redrich Apr 9 2012 says:

I must say, I can't wait. When I found this game, I was a bit skeptical but I must say based on everything I have seen, it shows a lot of potential. I continue to wish you all the best of luck, and I am eager to hear how the voice acting worked out.

+2 votes   news: Demo Release Date
redrich Apr 1 2012 says:

Abilites....hmm. I don't know. But perhaps he should have a weakness to flimsy tripwires. And Rebels, most of all blond haired Rebel leaders with evil cyborg fathers.

Oh and, Happy April Fools.

+1 vote   news: Robo Companion
redrich Mar 8 2012 replied:

Perhaps because it takes place in the Half-Life universe...?

+32 votes   media: Ka-Boom
redrich Feb 26 2012 says:

Very nice. I like the engravings on the stock of the rifle. Adds a little character to it.

+1 vote   media: Standard Agent Rifle
redrich Feb 19 2012 says:

Awesome. Looks great so far. Can't wait for the demo.

+1 vote   media: Leviathan Crossfire Vision Trailer
redrich Nov 19 2011 says:

Damn. I was really looking forward to this. At least something comes out of it. Good luck with the novel, I'll be eager to read it.

+1 vote   news: Cancellation
redrich Nov 18 2011 says:

The Red or Purple combinations would be the most menacing of the four, I think. Green is a color that comes to mind when I think "allies", though you could use that ironically. And the Blue just doesn't really look threatening to me.

+1 vote   media: Martian Swatch
redrich Oct 17 2011 says:

Very nice. But, I was wondering are the dark tan parts of the map deserts? I couldn't tell if they were that or a way to show terrtories controlled by a specific faction/nation. Also, the various places on the map, will they get an overview like Seasalk and Orkmoth did? I thought those little fact features were rather interesting.

+1 vote   media: Updated Maps of Abundantia
redrich Oct 2 2011 says:

Badass. Sort of reminds me of Arcanum for some reason. In a good way, that is.

+1 vote   media: Surface Agent
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