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RedRat May 4 2012, 3:46pm says:

I am disgusted by the media. Being so hypersensitive and making such a big deal out of a wolf3D mod. I understand why you had put a halt on the release of this mod and that it hurts you alot. But I don't get why it's cancelled alltogether. This giant fuss over it was almost 2 years ago and I haven't heard anthing about it since. Don't get me wrong, I support your choice. But I just truly think it's not that of a big deal anymore. Sure, there would be some controversy if released. But that would blow away in a week or two. This whole situation just made the media look stupid, got you guys feeling bad and made us fans miss out on a cool-looking mod.

20 years ago people got alot more upset about Wolfenstein 3D, that didn't stop them from releasing it.

+3 votes   mod: SonderKommando Revolt
RedRat May 23 2011, 4:58pm says:

This is just the Duke Nukem expansion pack ronverted to doom...

+2 votes   mod: Doom Caribbean: Life's a Beach
RedRat Apr 4 2011, 4:36pm says:

I've just finished downloading and just played through the first fifteen minutes. I'm hooked, it looks and sounds great. There's a better atmosphere in this game then in Half Life 2 itself.

A must play, this is probably the best mod I've seen so far.

Now excuse me... I'm off to kill some combine.

+3 votes   news: Precursor is released!
RedRat Mar 29 2011, 11:07am says:

I'm hoping that you wont be as strong as Gordon Freeman, with his HIV suit and all.

Also... why is there someone with a east-European accent in the trailer of every video game these days?

-1 votes   news: Precursor is released!
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