I am Raygoza and keep contact with mod developers of mods I like, I like to help my offering suggestion and ideas. When it comes to modding I am not good at it, I am only able to change a few things in StarCraft and Homeworld 2.

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StarCraft with 4 Button Columns
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Raygoza Author

As you can see if you compare the interface with the one of normal StarCraft almost no change is notable except for in the button area.

By the way when you have nothing selected there's a background in every button slot, in this case when they aren't entirely separated they look very good together as you can see on the areas without buttons.
They do not even need to blend in if you pair them correctly since they would already fit together without clipping each other.

Also the reason I posted the links in the description is to have some proof that some more button slots can be added and not make this just an image of how it could look without knowing if it is possible.

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Raygoza Author

Keep in mind that the button background is 2 pixels wider than the buttons themselves, if you don'tt ake that in note the button area will reach too close to the portrait.
And in any case I suggest this way to set up buttons having a 4x3 button panel for SC1 as 5x3 is overkill for SC1, but with the SC2 interface it may be a good idea.
Keep in mind thatwith the SC2 interface the button slots themselves don't have any space in between, with the SC1 interface thatwould look very bad as you can imagine ifI remove those lines separating each row of buttons leaving a lot of open space in the interface.

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Actually, yes, it is posible with the binedit.

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Without change size, you can almost make a 4x3 button panel.
Now im trying to make a 5x3 like SCII

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I have to ask, are ALL 12 OF THOSE BUTTONS mappable and useable?

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I made this in Photoshop and I think it is possible, the only thing I did change in the original image was the button area, moving all buttons closer to the the right edge and removing the space between the buttons next to each other but kept the space of the buttons ontop and under each other. (otherwise there would be a big gap)

I personally believe that this is possible when comparing to this guy who actually seem to have added new buttons to the game itself, look at he's video where he shows up some of he's stuff and yopu'll notice two extra button slots which indicates that this is indeed possible.
That mod is called Burning Ground (BG).

Image of BG which has extra button slots

A clip of BG having extra buttons and many more things.

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