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The Journal of a Soldier (by me)

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Thursday 12 March 2254:

It's been two weeks since the all out war started.This time it's truly a world war;every nation has launched every force available.The first nation to fall to the so called might of the Russian-Chinese Alliance was Mongolia(that's how the war started).

Yesterday i have been transfered to the 2-nd American Army which is soposed to be the most advanced army the americans possess.Luckly for me this guys have battle suits(advanced battle armor with the new technology of energy shields)but the strangest thing is that they gave me one."Maybe i'm lucky"i sayed to my squadron(after they gave me the battle suit they asigned to me a squadron of the best soldiers in the 23-rd mechanised division(my division).
Each one has a battle suit so we decided to call ourselves "Lucky Devils".

Our commander informed us that we will have our first mision next weekend.he didn't tell us in which day so we've put a bet and see who is right.Unfortunatly for me I didn't won the bet,the winner was Garret,our sniper.Anyway the first briefing went quite well I may say:in the briefing room my squadron was the only one who payed attention to the commander so after the briefing we were sent to the armory to pick our new weapons.I picked a PBR-120(a plasma bolt rifle),Garret picked a LSR-200(a laser sniper rifle),John,our engineer,chosed an IS-60 (ion shotgun)and Tiberius aka.ERASER,our demolition man picked an HCLM-30(a laser minigun with secondary fire of six antimatter pirahna rockets.After we got our weapons we went to our quarters to get some sleep.

The next day an officer told us to go to the general's office.After we got there we found out why we got our battle suits and others didn't:we were selected for a clasified mision:to infiltrate the enemy teritory and sabotage their activity and maybe to "paint" some targets for later precision orbital strike.The problem was that we won't get any support from our allies so that ment that we were on our own.Although we knew the risks we accepted the mision because there was none able to even accept the mission.Later that day we got a message saying that we will depart tomorow at 08:00 in the morning.All the evening we prepared for the upcoming mission.The most frequent question was "Where will they send us?".That was a question without answer.Until the next morning.

to be continued...

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