I'm just a high school girl from Finland and I've been interested in game developing since I was like 9 years old. Through discovering RPG Maker I have ambitiously started many projects and studied game developing, but most of those projects have been a dead end. I am skilled in writing, concept art creating, composing and designing on some level. I am not a programmer though, all my attempts to pick up any language have been dead ends also. For the lack of programming skills I have found RPG Maker a pleasant engine to develop on my own but am interested in Unity when planning projects in a larger scale.

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Patch 1.4... *glump*
Way Home - the legendary fairy bottle

Patch 1.4... *glump*

Jan 29, 2013 Way Home - the legendary fairy bottle 0 comments

There seemed to be a far greater malfunction in Darkmoor. This upcoming patch will fix every single issue with it. Apologies :)

Version 1.2
Way Home - the legendary fairy bottle

Version 1.2

Oct 27, 2012 Way Home - the legendary fairy bottle 0 comments

Way Home is patched to version 1.2 on October 27th. This patch must be downloaded in order to fix gameplay and graphical issues.

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