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Black Snow NAILS atmosphere and makes you feel vulnerable and alone. As a part of a rescue team dispatched to a research complex in the middle of the tundra. You end up separated, chased and all but you remain. With dark hallways and the ominous presence of something unknown lurking in the shadows and no way to defend yourself, the true sense of making you feel afraid is done right. You must avoid a darkness out to kill you by using light, and solve many puzzles that will test your ability to think laterally.

I recommend, for a full playthrough of the game you'll want to check it out here at my rapidly growing youtube channel. Here's the link to the Playlist ->

Graphically the game is beautiful. The facility feels authentic, and when you step outside into the dark cold winter night you have a sense of chill from the ambiance of wind and the detail of snow blowing across the surface.

The sound is right too. The voice acting in the beginning could have been better but it certainly isn't considered bad. It's right on par, or arguably somewhat better with most other mods today. The ambiance is right on cue and gives you a sense that you're not alone. Going room to room makes you wonder if it's safe to enter the next door or go down the hallway. Sometimes you'll hear a moan off in the distance, or the banging of metal by the wind lashing the sides of the facility if you're close to a window.

This mod has so much potential I could see it hitting it big in the Horror community of Lets Players if it was expanded upon.

Great Job Kremator! I speak for many when I say EXPAND THE MOD! :)

- Raedwulfgamer

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