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pvcf 43mins 34secs ago replied:

or its mabye the poor looking grass because of qual setting 2/5 (which looks like the grass in fc3 and fc4 at highest quality) :D the RPG is taken from The Delta Sector which was released some years before FarCry3 and before FarCry2.

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pvcf 1hour 19mins ago replied:

no, because i switch off shadows under water. in the video before i jump in to the small lake i have 75 FPS, in water 66-72 FPS. but its not really important, you dont need precise FPS (precise means >40 FPS for good aiming) in water, because there is no combat situation below watersurfaces.
shooting in water is not possible in opcl. only melee weapons and maybe weapons who shoot a arrow (bow, zipline)

why do you ask se explicitely?

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pvcf 12hours 21mins ago says:

download avi in full quality 275mb

some impressions from the mod/map which is near to release. the video shows about 5% of the map/locations.
quality settings 4of5 except bumpmap quality, which is set to 2/5 (memory problems).
system: wxp32bit 4gb ram, CPU Q6600, GPU ATI4850 (both 2008)

note: sunbeams in hut now "alive", new swimm EFX react different in veryhigh than in previous recorded "high",
DOF and MotionBlur seems missing, will investigate tomorrow.

actuall over 100 living enemies on the map
maploading time ~240 seconds (good for a hot cup of coffee)

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pvcf Mar 29 2015, 11:41am replied:

thank you! this swimming experience in watervolumes is now really like it should be. have to experiment further with different sightranges. i also have already included a routine which lets react the underwater fog to daytimes.

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pvcf Mar 29 2015, 11:19am replied:

its not so easy, its not only adding the effects, i have had to create first a diving detection which does not aks for water/ocean surface and if cam its below, because watervolumes can be placed anywhere, its also i have to code own damage routines, because the original no-air underwater damage routine is a call into the c++ source part and this routine adds some blurcolor offsets which enlighten my own new additions ba 200 percent and last but not least i have hat to recode the quicksave routines. there is always a big bunch of stuff behind such new things.

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pvcf Mar 29 2015, 10:20am says:

woah, looks like a hard work. i would darken then a little bit the upper and lower border with greyed alpha.

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pvcf Mar 29 2015, 10:17am replied:

i forgot to remove the short test timer :D

+1 vote   media: underwaterefx
pvcf Mar 28 2015, 8:16pm says:

i have some water volumes placed in my maps where player can and should go diving, but i was sick seeing NOTHING than some bubbles and a surface. so no real underwaterfeeling which destroy immersion + the possibility to see clear in all directions. so i coded new underwaterroutines and added all possible cryengine1.4 effects.
it looks much better without those videocodec who dies at dark colors and created only colorblocks :( i tried for 4 hours with different codecs and i gave up finally.

download it better quality but still with color errors
video will be deleted in 2 days together with the previous one from hut.

video effects:
-Depht of Field
-Motion Blur (which interacts with DoF)
-Morph (its the geometrie wobling, so its not a video codec error ;) )
-Waterdrop animation on hud

finally i'm happy with it and it looks and feels now really like water :)

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pvcf Mar 28 2015, 7:48pm replied:

yeah, i will force player to use his flashlight, so the AI light system and the batterie management will be part of gameplay. but AI also can't see, only hear :)
this part of the map is also intresting in gameplay: if i play it, i automaticly try to reach a enlighted place, i'm like a moth :)

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pvcf Mar 28 2015, 7:44pm replied:

thank you! by making the table destroyable, i found a new bug: by taking the apple the table was carried for a second and then released immediately, which resultet in a physically "throw table" and destroyed the table. reuslt: you grab the apple and the table broke ^^ its currently fixed but such things occour currently dayli and i'm busy with finding and fixing such bugs instead mapping :(

+1 vote   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 28 2015, 7:41pm replied:

yeah, its totally ok i think.

+1 vote   media: random area2
pvcf Mar 28 2015, 5:05pm says:

yeah, very nice!

+1 vote   media: Elouise
pvcf Mar 27 2015, 2:58pm replied:

memoryproblems, i dont have a 64bit os running ;( but for testing its looking OK.

+1 vote   media: random area2
pvcf Mar 25 2015, 11:02pm says:

very cool!

+1 vote   media: Terrorists
pvcf Mar 25 2015, 11:02pm says:

wow, seems you have finally control over the fingers ? looks good!
btw, you forgot to add weaponmass in weaponparams.lua, just add on top in ItemMass the name of weapon and the mass.

+1 vote   media: Terrorists
pvcf Mar 25 2015, 1:10pm replied:

yes, its the one from video 8) i currently work on the destructed models from table and his pieces. have added some invisible fog below sunrays and now it looks like they "move", its much better, does not look so static.

+2 votes   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 10:22pm replied:

then you have to add a # before the command!

+1 vote   media: Crysis Paradiso
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 1:07pm replied:

i was particulary talking about the RGB setting, to much blue which makes it "cold". with the command i posted above, you can try different renderer with different colorsettings, try 0-4 :)

+1 vote   media: Crysis Paradiso
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 1:05pm replied:

sounds like a export problem. the bats maybe are made from particles ?

+1 vote   media: Crysis Paradiso
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 1:03pm replied:

set log_verbosity to 6 and look in log file, maybe you see something...

+1 vote   media: Crysis Paradiso
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:53pm replied:

new maps ? :D

+1 vote   media: Prepare for horror.
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:49pm says:

all settings to "middle" (low/middle/high/veryhigh/ultrahigh)

+2 votes   media: random area2
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:46pm says:

picture from actual video which will be deleted soon ( the vide)m all settings to "middle" (low/middle/high/veryhigh/ultrahigh)

+2 votes   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:33pm replied:

thank you Marek33 :) yeah, they was really missing :) but its not final, the need some flies / mosquitos and some very light fog, so they look a little bit moving. also the hut is still a little bit empty. btw, its the hud in the video where you can destroy all around, also the hut itself is destroyable :D

+2 votes   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:32pm replied:

thanks bro :)

+1 vote   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 24 2015, 12:32pm replied:

the hut was originately modelled by Szczekus for opcl :) as save-hut. the bed is then the place where you can save the game (like GTA)

+1 vote   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 23 2015, 11:38pm replied:

its more or less a unwritten rule nowadays that 99 % of visitors are enjoying it silent :D not only here, it goes around on all mods here for all games. sometimes a video can have thousend views and no single comment. but for a modder its very important to have active followers who comment the stuff and suggest new ideas. so, many thanks again !

+2 votes   media: lights
pvcf Mar 23 2015, 11:33pm replied:

welcome :) i started this mod 2008 :D and its already much more finished than all released mods ;)

+2 votes   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 23 2015, 10:16pm says:

download full quality video as avi: 184mb

you see some switches from outdoor to indoor and back during different daytimes, automatic godrays, which was always a "nice to have"-plan. because i was to lazy to code a own godray entity, i use passive dynamic lights, which can react to daytimes in opcl, then i created a new godray shader, which is a pain the aXX, and gave then this shader to the passive light, and voila: automatic godrays :) if i would have unlimited time, i could also add a angle autoration depening on sunposition, but thats again a thing which i have to throw away, because of limited livetime..
its still a single one man show :D
but basicaly the video shows a indoor room, its so hard to create such things -.-
ah, and demonstrate the outdoor sound dimming in devkid (if you go indoor) and on day-evening and evening-night switch you can hear different outdoor ambient sounds. (its all automatic)

video will be deleted in few days.

+3 votes   media: hut indoor sunbeams
pvcf Mar 23 2015, 10:06pm replied:

> i gotta say i don't like the gun-holding running animation

its not a animation, i can't animate all ~40-50 weapons new for animations, infact its impossible to animate even one single weapon.
you would have to rigg the weapon completely new, which would excide the moddevelopement about 1 year, IF i could do such animations, which i can't.
so its a code routine, i'm sorry that you dont like it, but please dont compare it with other games, compare it with FC1, and in this case its a big improvement. FC1 classic have new rigged weapons from ubisoft.

> amazing music! is there any chance of downloading that?

thank you very much! sorry, i plan to release this music together with the very, very big devkid map "devkiddemo", its there the music for a certain area.

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pvcf Mar 5 2015, 12:06pm replied:

thanx for your comment Argoon :)

+1 vote   media: testmap
pvcf Feb 15 2015, 5:35pm says:

15.2. updated: two comparisons of different hudstyles, in menu you can tweak the hud to your demands, switching on off font styles, sizes, messagelevels, showing health,weapon and ammo bars or not, or as small info line on top. ingame the rotuines, for example the wpn bible, display than a alternative version. on top the picture shows the "GTA STYLE" hud version, below its switched off and also setted to minimal onscreen informations.
for better effect i also switched in menu from renderer "paradise" to "cold". its currently unlocked, mapdesigner can decide if he alow it in menu with a triggerswitch in clearingworlddirector entity.

+2 votes   media: wpn stats ingame, 2 different hudstyles
pvcf Oct 24 2014, 10:06pm replied:

thank you and welcome back :)

+1 vote   media: dbase shadow, toilets, ambiensounds, ai talk
pvcf Oct 17 2014, 2:24pm replied:

thank you Marek33 :)

+2 votes   media: eight million polycount
pvcf Sep 6 2014, 5:30pm replied:

its not a simple script, its a massive engine change and not single export and usable. but as soon i have released the first mod you can use the mod (its then called "devkid" as base for your own mod with all the new things working out of the box without any troubble.

+1 vote   media: the biker
pvcf Aug 16 2014, 11:32pm says:

downloadlink is not longer availible.

+1 vote   media: LOD problem
pvcf Jun 16 2014, 3:04pm says:

(updated 2014.06.16)
-added support for ironmode and deactivated my own devkidsave.cfg system, so this version should be the most intresting for modders outside of devkid.

+2 votes   download: crygame.dll operation clearing patch lvl 1.41
pvcf Jun 3 2014, 1:04pm replied:

i understand you very well, mostly better than native english speaking mates :D

+1 vote   media: small natural peek
pvcf Apr 2 2014, 1:05pm says:

lol, lost 2 members with this video :)

+1 vote   media: pripyat at night with guests
pvcf Mar 16 2014, 5:09am says:

wow, many thanks for that detailed answer! i think grouping all brushes and then scaling them to 120% in editor would help for better dimensions.
you see also that the map is playable with shadows at high quality WITH recording ^^ (recording eats up 50% of the framerate). also AI navigation is working. i also does not generated lightmap, but its working for my taste with lightment (its a dynamic,moving sun).
from my point of view, the map is now in a play and editable version. i wonder if someone would have a concept for that map. maybe a zomby area, surrounded by militar forces, and player have to rescue pples which he have to find?
did u would have fun to add the AI's and props ?

+1 vote   media: pripyat
pvcf Feb 25 2014, 12:19pm says:

let me post it, because i delete tomorrow the avi from my server.

+2 votes   media: opcl_roadbarrier wip
pvcf Jan 9 2014, 12:46am says:

ok, thank you for feedback, so i leave it like it is and every user have to set up brightness, contrast and gamma in options for his own.

+1 vote   media: nightcontrast
pvcf Jan 3 2014, 11:30am says:

genial trailer! fantastic work, botmen!

+3 votes   media: UB trailer demonstration
pvcf Dec 10 2013, 3:02am says:

thank you very much, killz and scopedknife :)

+2 votes   media: singleseater
pvcf Oct 23 2013, 6:49pm replied:

thank you for your comment :) no fear, there will be no dubstep and no russians song in the game, it was just to fit the video. if you intrested in some songs which are in the game click me:
btw,you are the second russian which claims about that piece of music XD so, i swear all radiostations will be english and licenzed or made by me.

+1 vote   media: RPG system full finished and working
pvcf Aug 29 2013, 9:06pm says:

rofl, made my day dude! veeeeeeeeeeeeery nice idea and realisation!!!!!!

+2 votes   media: Funny Easter egg ( party hard XD)
pvcf Aug 24 2013, 5:02pm replied:

it looks very very good, sometimes better than original fc indoor levels!

+2 votes   media: Far Cry UB gameplay 2
pvcf Aug 21 2013, 12:19am replied:

u have twice time more views than i with OPCL and are ranked twice times higher at the moment ^^

+2 votes   mod: FC: Unfinished business
pvcf Mar 27 2013, 3:16pm says:

i am not sure if janzu have the patience to create a open meat animation *g*

+1 vote   media: new weapons
pvcf Jan 9 2013, 11:05am replied:

wow, didnt know its possible to post as guest, i always get "you must be logged in" . it seems other ppl like your animations too, janzu XD

+1 vote   media: opcl vehicles and radiostations
pvcf Jan 7 2013, 10:15pm replied:

maybe for PC :)

+2 votes   member: pvcf
pvcf Aug 13 2012, 7:17pm says:

the left arm position looks very bad, way to much distance between left ellbow and weapon, pls take a look of original weapon rigs and the position of the left arm.
beside that minor thing, very very great work and i cant wait to see that in motion :)

+1 vote   media: Screens (08.13.12)
pvcf Aug 11 2012, 3:41pm replied:


+4 votes   member: Wicher
pvcf Aug 10 2012, 8:28pm says:

whicher have the funniest profile picture on earth (the old squarepants one) but he changed it again :(

+2 votes   member: Wicher
pvcf Jul 18 2012, 11:40am replied:

why, are you a pyromaniac ? *g*

+2 votes   media: burn baby burn
pvcf Jul 12 2012, 1:02pm replied:

in fact i dont know how i arrange the choose & buy system, currently the buy system works for already existing and laying down items. but the burger store in GTA3 SA was nicer, where you could choose one out of three menus from the salesman/woman XD

+1 vote   media: need some food ?
pvcf Jul 3 2012, 1:39pm replied:

thank you Shing 8)

+1 vote   media: some athmo weather screens
pvcf Jun 3 2012, 8:20pm says:

thank you pals XD

+1 vote   article: some status info
pvcf May 26 2012, 5:27pm replied:

ok, sounds good,
-bow-shot, unprecise aiming
-reduced distance
-no weapon usage allowed on zip
-slow zipline ride

upgraded v1:
-precise/accurace shoot of zipline
-longer zipline distance ?
-user can use weapons during zipline ride
-faster zipline use speed

upgraded v2: (need v1 upgrade)
-zipline hook motor engine
-zipline reusable

v2 will be availibe on first level if you have all achievements or something like that, (and that means breaking all gamerules is now not longer the problem, because player have solved all tasks to get the achievement, its now the time to have pure fun with that weapon, imagine what you can do with that: traps with magnetic mines and jerrcans can be placed and triggered by the player from a roof which would be normally not or very hard reachable XD).

+1 vote   media: WIP, opcl, ZipLine Demonstration
pvcf May 26 2012, 2:48pm replied:

ah, thats a intresting question: currently shooting is allowed during downriding (only zipline shoot itself is forbidden during downriding).
is it better to forbid shooting generally for all weapons without upgrade?

+1 vote   media: WIP, opcl, ZipLine Demonstration
pvcf May 25 2012, 7:06pm says:

hey pals, what did you think about this idea: with a big achievement or a very very expensive engine adapter, mounted to the DiegerZipLine, i could allow to use this also for down to top movements?
(because its extreme funny to use it like that, and limiting the zipline moving from top to down have also stolen that extreme gameplayfun.) unfortunately it will break totally all gamerules and leveldesigns, so the idea to make this very expensive.
any comments about this idea ?

+1 vote   media: WIP, opcl, ZipLine Demonstration
pvcf Mar 17 2012, 5:07pm says:

thanks you very much, vikom!

+2 votes   media: in the city , night, very high quality
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