Hi. I'am a Amiga lover. I loved a lot Amiga and all around it. I've learned how to program and paint, known friends, Fidonet: even when there was no internet. So I want do to do something, for free, for everyone, to spread a bit my enthusiasm. Amiga no longer exists, seize only the spirit of people like me. Creativity, uniqueness, fun: this is the rule for everithing you make. Do not you fail! I've done something for you, and for those are looking for ingame musics for Amnesia (or not). The whole package it's available for everyone, check my posts.

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Amnesia: Extraction Point (RELEASED)

Mod review

I like this mod, this is my rev.
There are some maps already used, but it's ok, better reuse a good map instead to create a new ugly one full of bugs.
The sanity drain it's a bit excessive. I hate to play for more time with the head that runs, but the oil regenrate itself, so it's ok... I do not have to cheat...
There are a lot of things in the inventory, that are useless, as a the lever, the cipper etc. This useless things, confuse a bit the game.
The very good voice acting with the right volume, adds value and compensates for the described errors above (inventory full of things ect).
No mention for the glitches about the ceiling, it was fixed.

Really good.


Amnesia:Those Who Were Forgotten FINISHED

Mod review - 2 agree

I enjoyed this custom story, from the beginning to the end.
I'm a player, not a glitch scavenger.
Ok, this is my rev.
It's a old style amnesia mod,
serious and well done.
No matter if there are a few details on the walls, there are very large maps to explore. The temple is fantastic. Here there is an attempt to do a a non linear game.
Infact I have some key that
I have not used.
I assume that there's more to explore.
The music are freaking, disturbing, creeping, choose your adjective.
Why not 10/10?
Because the volume of the voice actor, It is very low.



FUGA (Released)

Mod review

Destiny Revenant

Mod review

This mod it's absolutely fantastic.
The story is very intriguing, original and unique.
The iteractions with the entity are amazing and the entity are amazing themselves.
Spectacular graphics, enviroinment full of details.
Very nice the voice acting.
This mod offer the oppurtunity to explore. There are quests inside a quest.
This denotes a high level of concentration (passion and devotion, of course) by the author during the realization of this mod.
A thank also to all those who have collaborated, (their names are in the credit list, also this list contain graphics and effects...)

Outstanding masterpiece!


Dreamer's Custom Story Collection

Mod review

Bad level design.
Monsters everywhere without a reason.
Many glitches where you fall out of the map.
Very confusing and barebone map.
Nothing of relevant imho.


Painful Reality

Mod review

The Investigation

Mod review - 1 disagree

Sorry but...
Bad light, just another search the key.
Monster really easy to cheat and their no longer fear does.
Boring cheap scares (their no longer fear does).
Stupid mazes to search a stupid key (go back, go forward, then go back and forward again to open another empty room).
Empty rooms.
Old environment.
Definitely, there is nothing to add or create on Amnesia game.


Penumbra: Twilight Of The Archaic

Mod review

Amnesia: The Riddle of Vova

Mod review - 2 disagree

Nice game so far, but nothing of new.
The same "search the key", seen millions of times.
There's no puzzles, just the usual maze (seen millions of times).
The story is long and good, some details denotes a female touch much appreciated.
But some events it's not connected.
Like the acid jar, and the jar filled of hashis.
It's not an attempt to make a non-linear game, it's all put in a scene, as a luna park: if you want to play again, explore more without know anything, or get the door to the exit: the result it's the same.
It is not the game that I expect, but... not bad.
Go further with Soma.