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You will never return

Mod review - 1 disagree

Finally a mod withouth a boring story. Alexander, Amadeus, Alzaimer...
This is pure gameplay!
And yes, I'm not will to return back.
Really creative!


Testificate (v1.1 update)

Mod review

Really interesting mod, unique enviroinment and puzzles. I liked a lot this work, very funny and good scary moments.
10/10 Very good!


When I am no more

Mod review

Very technical mod!
Never seen this type of implementation in Amnesia.
Really unique.
Focused on puzzles not in the scary.
A bit hard in some parts, but really enjoyable.


The Old Brother

Mod review

This is my opinion
Good gameplay and level design.
Good the final fight (maybe i'm wrong, but I think that I've already seen this, not sure)

Not so many music's.
Very confusing, especially in the basement.

Hint: the confusion about what to do with the damn red barrel in the basement, can be used to make another event. Eg: if you trow the barrel on the gate, you encounter a monster, so you're trapped and killed.
Nor just die.

Good anniversary to everyone!


Illusions of the Dead

Mod review - 2 disagree

Of course ONE of the best masterpiece around here.
Awesome story and enviroinment.
Amazing and clear gameplay: you never got stuck or confused.
Awesome and freacking scary moments.
Some scary moments are really breathless.

Deserve to be played again in the future.
Outstanding mod!


The Darkest Corner

Mod review may contain spoilers

Sincerely at the beginning I was not enjoyed, after some time the game was funny, but in the middle to the end, the game was frustrating, due to the bugs.

In the storage, something went wrong. The key I found does not open any door, and was stuck, so I had to cheat the game to overcome the impasse.
Same thing in the mines, the infected guys chase me all the times. After I reloaded the game, the levers that open the gate for the sewer does not work anymore, so I had to reload again a previous saved game, before I enter the mines, and again the key does not open the door on the right.
The slowness of the character is inexplicable, unjustified and very frustrating: I had to cheat also this.
The ambience is very dark and the oil it's not enough: I had to cheat again :(
About the map with the wooden walls (part one and two, where there are the two monsters) is a non sense to me, good for the gameplay but useless.

The game had to be tested by more people and differently, looking for errors, not just playing, knowing what to do.

Some great scary moment.
Creativity and good knowledge.
Decent mapping, I've not found any glitches relatively at this.

Severe random bugs that affect the game.
No puzzles.
It should not be necessary to cheat due to the bugs that affect this game.

finished to play this game.
Must really be improved and bug fixed.
Deserve a high rating if fixed.
For this release I cannot rate this over 6.



North Eclipse

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Awesome mod!
Custom monsters and the music are great, even if they are easy to evade. But I can evade the suitor on the original game, so... Eheheh.
The mapping is very good. The light it can not be better than that, because the engine and the textures. The story is addictive.
Long gameplay as I like.


What's Beneath The Truth - Released

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

Raw mod. Good mapping, but without puzzles. Just the usual "find the key", that are in the top of the door, on the top of the bed, on the top of my co**. "On the top".
Ridiculous and offensive for a old and real lover of Amnesia and Penumbra.
Where is the game? The key on the top of your dickhead?
It's supposed that you're not stuck if the game is good and comprensible. Looking for a key on the ceiling is not fun and it's not a puzzle.
For me it's just a ****.
Sorry for the mappers :(

Very bad game.


The Search

Mod review - 1 agree

There's not puzzles, but a story. The voice acting it's fantastic, but's needed a subbing, of course. Not all the peolple can understand the spoken english.
Some glitches, as the invisible table, but the game is very good. Good scares, but not invasive or frustrating.
8/10: very good!


Penumbra: Europa

Mod review

A large amount of glitches bro...
penumbra ambience is still fantastic, much better than Amnesia, but...
poor story, critical glitches (just one, for exaple: if you do not found the screwdriver and enter the corridor where there's the infected, you're stuck. But the're are many more...) The end is uncomprensible.
The enemies are so easy to beat.
wanted to rating 5, but +1 for the penumbra enviroinment.
You can do much better, of course!
Not bad.