Hi. I'am a Amiga lover. I loved a lot Amiga and all around it. I've learned how to program and paint, known friends, Fidonet: even when there was no internet. So I want do to do something, for free, for everyone, to spread a bit my enthusiasm. Amiga no longer exists, seize only the spirit of people like me. Creativity, uniqueness, fun: this is the rule for everithing you make. Do not you fail! I've done something for you, and for those are looking for ingame musics for Amnesia (or not). The whole package it's available for everyone, check my posts.

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Amnesia Minesweeper

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Hunting Ground

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Therapy Dream

Mod review - 2 disagree

Confused, glitches everywhere. Ends after 10 mins of gameplay without understand what the hell is happened. Reload the previous saved game does not help: you're stuck.
Dark light, no oil for the lantern.
Time wasted: not reccomended.



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The story is pretty boring: go to sleep, go to eat, go to the shower ...
The environment is nice, but pretty empty.
I spent a lot of time to find the phone.
Because it was invisible (first technical problem).
The end is incomprehensible.
I had not fear. No scared.
Too bad, you could build a story best than this, with entities more aggressive and events more scary.
Good project, but without salt...
5/10 average


Amnesia: The Streets of London

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Awesome mod!
A bit too dark in some environment and confused in the padlock puzzle, but really an outstanding mod!
Good scary and disturbing moments, mapping absolutely fantastic, also the musics and the voiceacting.
10/10 - Masterpiece.



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Short, but enjoyable.
Some very interesting feature, as the fight with the metallic monster, never seen.
Good point to start to build a amazing mod.

Seriously, it's a bit hard to rate this mod.
There are some interesting points about the gameplay.
But it's confused. Some hint (mementos) can help a bit.
Running on every place and run backwards is really frustrating.
I'm sincere. I stopped to play in the map with the grass.
Totally lost, I do not any idea how to progress.
I died tons of times but the monster is easy to cheat, and it's not scary at all (seen millions of times)
Some cutscene are nice, but this is not sufficient.
Rooms pretty empty.
Game forced in some event.
Not clear, very confused.
I wanted to do a high rating than this, but this time, not.
5... + 1 for the creativity.
6/10 : enough

Make more!


Painful Memories

Mod review

I hope that my rerview is a bit constructive...
Yes, this mod has more quantity than the quality.
There are no puzzles, just the usual "find the key" or something to pry the door.
The rooms (that are tons) are pretty empty, that is unreal.
I personally hate to find a key in the fireplace, or on the top of a door. No one in this world place a key in the fireplace... why?
The voice acting is good, but also the notes as voice acting.
The two voice acting sometimes intersect one of the other, so if you ear one voice, you cannot ear the voice note.
Lack of mementos. Hard to continue withouth how to do.
Mapping good, scripting good... there is all a promise to do a fantastic mod in the future, because the know-how is very good.


The Black Eagle Castle

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Black Eagle Tavern Tales

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