Hi. I'am a Amiga lover. I loved a lot Amiga and all around it. I've learned how to program and paint, known friends, Fidonet: even when there was no internet. So I want do to do something, for free, for everyone, to spread a bit my enthusiasm. Amiga no longer exists, seize only the spirit of people like me. Creativity, uniqueness, fun: this is the rule for everithing you make. Do not you fail! I've done something for you, and for those are looking for ingame musics for Amnesia (or not). The whole package it's available for everyone, check my posts.

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In the cloud

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The time has come.
It 's the time to leave the room for the new.
There nothing more to say or write.
All that needed to be said has been said and written.
The atmosphere became heavy. Old and full of hatred, discussions on creations abhorrent and ridiculous.
It 's the time to show the new, to see who can do what.
Now, it's not enough draw a ridicolous crawling worm.
The cycle it's ended, forever.

I hope this puts out of the (inexistent) scene many people who until now have tried to be someone who actually have never been a perfect anyone.

Welcome Soma, goodbye Amnesia modders.

--- Old post below ---

I'm now also in the sound cloud.
I thought to do something of different and make some more musics not focused only on the horror ambience. Anyway, the idea to make more horror music it's not closed. I just need to free my talent and my passions.
You can follow me or just listen my themes here:
Hope you enjoy.

NB: for those are looking of my horror musics for Amnesia (Lost for Amnesia), the link is (full album):

Anyway and always, have fun!

This is my remake/rebuild of VivaminE (1995) from daXX, a techno music made for Amiga, the Amiga scene!
Spread the word and the disk! ^_^

A theme made for games (intro/outro) #medieval #epic #gametheme

A minuet, composed just for fun, using the sound of the Commodore 64 :-)

Lost For Amnesia

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As promised, there's a link to download my musics, free for everyone!
Just read the copyright notice, I just changed something about "donations".
The substance does not change, you cannot ask money (if it's not spontaneous).
All the rest it's unchanged.
link: Mediafire.com

Have fun!

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