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7 Review

Game Review on Oct 4th, 2013

Chances of getting spoiled : 25/100

Paranrmal is a horror game, not survival (you basically can't die). (sometimes) good graphics, very good ambiance with a great atmosphere, and good diversity of the different jumpscares you can find on Paranormal.

Why 7 :

First, the good points (+)

+ Paranormal has better graphics than most of other horrors games. This is probably due to the Unreal engine instead of the Unity one.

+ Very good atmosphere. The heavy rain outdoor, ambiant sounds, decoration and everything else have been greatly done. This make you litteraly "absorbed" in the game while playing.

+ There is no screamers and other "forced-fear" things that are completely annoying when you play other games, like one everyone of you know : SCP. Oh, and be careful of the baby in the mirror !!


Then balanced points (=)

= Some scenes make completely no senses, like the scene when you sleep, and when you wake up, you can hear screaming and your bed is "vibrating" how if it was an earthquake just at the right moment.

= The battery discharge when you read notes. The time you need to read notes is important, and these notes tells a lot of story and miss them can make some "normal" scenes "being devoid of any sense" <-- thanks google translate.

= You can win achievment completely by chance. Don't ask me how.


Finally, negative points (-)

- You have 3 days to find a solution, or forced death is waiting for you. And it's the exact same death every time you'll play the game.

- When you play the game once, you know what will happen when you will get upstairs. Play the game to understand what I mean.

- You need to play the game at least 3 times to do these 3 tasks :
1. Read all of the notes
2. Know how to escape from when you are
3. Escape

- Ending.

That's done for another review, with only 13 of charracters left :D Pheww !!

- PlaysGames Production

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