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phipe Sep 6 2014, 7:10am says:

How long has this mod been in development?

+1 vote     mod: Earth's Special Forces
phipe Aug 28 2014, 8:07pm says:

Is the mod dead?

+1 vote     mod: Half-Life : The Bounty Hunter
phipe Aug 20 2014, 3:01pm replied:

We're waiting for xen.

0 votes     game: Black Mesa
phipe Aug 16 2014, 6:13am says:

I have 11 hp but I'm invincible, and I can't pick up any health items. Is this deliberate?

I also only have the standard hl2 arsenal with only new sounds instead of new weapons.

+2 votes     mod: The Gate 2
phipe Aug 12 2014, 4:49am replied:

Bright blue security guards, blue camo soldiers, a blue particle effect. What a treasure.

+1 vote     mod: Half-Life: Revisioned
phipe Jul 30 2014, 7:10pm says:

What a coincidence. Two half-life mods canceled this week alone.

+1 vote     article: Dead
phipe Jul 29 2014, 5:49pm says:

It is quite unfortunate that something like this has happened, again.

People must remember to keep their work-in-progress at more places than just in the computer, like in a usb storage device or a virtual archive.

+1 vote     article: Hell For Only Humans is dead
phipe Jul 26 2014, 6:15am says:

I am literally learning chinese grammar by reading the mod description.

+3 votes     mod: Half-Life:Black Guard
phipe Jul 25 2014, 6:25am replied:

Thanks a lot!

+1 vote     mod: The Gloom
phipe Jul 23 2014, 9:07am says:

I get really low framerate all through the map unless i stare into a wall. Is there any way of solving this?

+1 vote     mod: The Gloom
phipe Jul 14 2014, 1:36pm replied:

ruMpel and minuit are hired at EA. Andreas playtested Battlefield 3 and both of them worked on Battlefield 4.

+2 votes     game: Cry of Fear
phipe Jul 2 2014, 6:46am says:

The description sure makes it look like the mod has a lot going for it, and I support that. Though there is nothing else to see here.

+1 vote     mod: Analysis
phipe May 8 2014, 12:46pm says:

The running zombies in this mod makes hard difficulty almost impossible in the first episode. Just throwing it out there to anyone looking for a challenge...

+1 vote     download: They Hunger Ultra Definition Pack
phipe Apr 28 2014, 2:33pm replied:

I got confused by your post.

+3 votes     mod: Afraid of Monsters DC
phipe Feb 10 2014, 7:37pm replied:

Mods inspired by, or being made as a direct result of another succesfull mod, usually doesn't fare well, in the sense that they don't finish development. Browsing through the many pages gives more examples, some running on the top of my mind right now.

I think bartidan is a troll, however, there is a rule of thumb: it is always best to not have top-notch anticipation unless the creator post updates regularly, according to a rigid schedule. For just as much as it is unfair to rule anything out as dead without proof, the mod can just as easy linger In Development without proof - or new spoken words from the developer - forever.

All being said, I'm looking forward to Zoonyarts' update.

0 votes     mod: Brutal Half-Life
phipe Nov 1 2013, 12:18pm says:

Awesome :) Thanks for making this

+1 vote     article: Tds1 Let's Play Update
phipe Oct 27 2013, 3:10am replied:

This mod is one of my favorites, glad to see its finished and released!

I mean, me too.

+2 votes     article: Half-Screwed: Death and Rebirth Released!
phipe Jun 24 2013, 7:42pm says:

I have some difficulties getting the Dark Secret trilogy to run properly on my computer. Nobody has made any gameplay videos of them either. Could you make a video walkthrough of the whole series?

+2 votes     member: TheDarkSecret
phipe Jun 22 2013, 3:55pm says:

Roger Owen's voice seem vaguely familiar. Has he done voice-work for other projects beside brazil?

+4 votes     media: OFFICIAL Fallout: Project Brazil Intro Video
phipe Jun 2 2013, 10:54am says:

I have difficulties getting the mod to run. How do one properly install the demo?

+1 vote     article: Tfs3 Demo
phipe May 26 2013, 12:34pm says:

At first I misread the title of the mod as with "wife" instead of Life.

+2 votes     mod: When Life No Longer Exists
phipe May 12 2013, 2:12pm says:

This developer somehow made love to a fish.

+2 votes     mod: §∆ΛΛ₱ⱢΞ ₮ΞX₮
phipe Mar 12 2013, 5:34pm says:

I am curious about a certain song that plays at the beginning of the mod. In the mod files it is called Shisheido. the song is good but I can´t find it anywhere else but here! Who´s the artist?

0 votes     mod: G String
phipe Feb 19 2013, 1:01pm replied:

Damnit. I started playing, wondering why i only had 25 bullets for HL's dear submachine gun and i wasted them all trying to destroy a barricade. To return to a earlier savepoint i pushed the quickload button... Except i hadn't made a single quicksave. So the game loaded and it sent me right to the end of the final level of the mod! I've seen the ending now, complete with the credits.

Goddamnit. I were seriously planning on reviewing it from the start and all.

+1 vote     mod: Focalpoint
phipe Feb 19 2013, 12:41pm replied:

My virus program went racket and detected a trojan. Or is it a false alarm?


+1 vote     mod: Focalpoint
phipe Feb 19 2013, 12:29pm says:

Is this a new mod? I see there are no reiviews, so i´ll check it out. On both won and steam, i´ll see if i can get this up and running.

+1 vote     mod: Focalpoint
phipe Feb 19 2013, 8:05am says:

Can you tell us what kind of improvements it has, or is there a way of finding out without installing the game?

+1 vote     mod: The gate revamped
phipe Jan 13 2013, 2:36pm says:

This mod is a lot of fun, i must admit. Especially Freemode and Fortress Mode!

I don´t know if it is too much to ask, but would it be possible to make it so one can upgrade the guards weapons in Fortress Mode too? The guards are helpless on their own when I´m focusing fire at the opposite direction of the level, and i am on wave 27.

+1 vote     mod: Left 4 Theft: San Andreas
phipe Jan 4 2013, 12:32pm says:

Cthulhu was one of my favorite mods for HL. I am now tracking this, nad wish you guys luck on your projects.

+2 votes     mod: [Mini-Redux] Cthulhu: An Unspeakable Modification
phipe Jan 3 2013, 6:14am replied:

Cane sword, second floor, pick it up. Kill a cultist and you´ll now have a schmitar too. Another few and soon you got a revolver and a shotgun as well.

If you still haven´t found it i´ll just leave this here.

+2 votes     mod: Cthulhu
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