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Multiplayer VS Singleplayer

5 months ago by phipe 0 comments

There's always been some sort of a debate as to whether singleplayer or multiplayer games are better than the other. In my years of being online I've never payed attention to these discussions when they've passed my cone of view, but I recently began wondering myself as I scrolled through a list of released Half-life mods.

I want to say this to you, and anybody who is ever going to create a mod.

A singleplayer campaign isn't just a story. It is a experience you can relive exactly when you wish to. Right now, later today, tomorrow, or in ten years, it will always be available and it won't change - only your own view of the game might. But a multiplayer game on the other hand has something the singleplayer story hasn't: a lifespan.

You pick up a multiplayer game that seems cool and you'll be playing with other players and friends immediately. After 1-5 years you lose interest in the game and decide to play something new. It goes on like this, and it is in fact doing so as we speak - somebody's in the cycle of playing something new and abandoning the old. But when it's time to look back at your videogame library, you have these old multiplayer titles that you can't play anymore. Because all those games died the moment the players left them. Multiplayer games need attention to live.

You see even more of this if you're into retro gaming. Multiplayer titles are rarely to never discussed! Even among hardcore retro gamers it's hard to get arsed to find a friend who wants to play "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun" in co-op.

I have been replaying some of my favourite mods of all time, the They Hunger Trilogy, for nearly a decade now. Once a year I get a intense craving to replay them, and I can, thanks to the fact that they're always here. But a couple of years ago, I wanted to play the multiplayer mod "Vampire Slayer" for Half-life.

Good old Vampire Slayer, from the year 2001. I found one server in Europe, and it was inhabited by a single vampire hopping across the map. We ended up talking in between rounds and it turned out that my only adversary for the entire evening, was a drunken Polish man.

We had fun going 1-1 against each other, and after 161 rounds of curb-stomping (Don't mess with drunken poles) I called it a day. The next day he wasn't playing. Yet another day later, that one South American server and it's fabulous 400+ ping that I ignored, was now gone as well. I uninstalled Vampire Slayer.

So what does this mean to all the mods out there? Well, it means that a lot of what Moddb has to offer can't be enjoyed. I'm not telling you to not create new multiplayer mods - If it fuels your creative drive the most then by all means do it, and hope you'll punch CS out of your way.

Just don't get upset, when your creation in it's greatest glory, has become a mere, unplayable memory.

Thank you, Moddb.

1 year ago by phipe 0 comments

Moddb. I discovered this haven right after defeating Nihilanth for the first time. Consequently, I had just beaten Half-life for the first time as well. I had received Half-life Generation, a box set with HL, it's expansion packs and a disc devoted to Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic and Absolute Redemption.
Then I wanted to play even more.

It was all back in 2007. I had just turned 13 and promptly decided that I was mature enough to join a english community. But it was such a long time ago, I cannot remember what led me to moddb or what I did the first time here. I know for certain that mods became a important part of my upbringing. The amount of time spent playing has varied through all these years, yet playing any kinds of videogames or mods never ceased to be one of my hobbies.

It is incredible. It is almost a entire decade ago since I joined this website. I have looked back at some of my oldest comments I ever wrote (in english.) Wow, what a annoying kid! I looked at some of my first reviews from when I had just grown enough stamina to type a whole paragraph. Such a douchebag.

I sort of feel embarassed for how I used to act, but I guess it is all okey. Because, no one on moddb knows me better than myself, but I can say that it has been quite a lot of growing mature and changes in my life in-between every site visit.

Thanks to moddb, I've had some great experiences playing all the things nobody around me played. One of my absolute favourite game series is the They Hunger Trilogy. There is more this site has given me that I cannot tell in a few sentences.

Moddb will always have a place in my heart, and I am so glad that I began spending my time here. Thanks to everyone who made moddb what it is today.

If it sounds like I'm leaving, I'm actually not. I am so looking forward to the future of Moddb. what more will there be to discover on this amazing place in another 10 years? We'll know soon enough.

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