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Positive feedback

4 years ago by PhillipPhoenix 0 comments


I've not been long here on IndieDB, but I like it already!
Our game Age of Colonies was on top 10 most popular games some days ago, which for me is HUGE.
This has given the team a lot of new energy and motivation, which will hopefully turn out to be a new update for Age of Colonies.

At the moment, I am also playing a little around with a sequel to one of my older games (which turned out as one of my most buggiest games). Now it will be completely remade.
Before everything was an object of it's own. Now I have one object controlling everything. The system runs on grids, which also makes saving/loading much easier. I hope that I can post a demo of the game up soon to get some comments on it.

Of course my main focus still lies with Age of Colonies, but I like playing a little around with some other stuff, just to freshen up my mind.

New to IndieDB etc.

4 years ago by PhillipPhoenix 0 comments

Hi everyone

I'm new to IndieDB etc. I've been working for some years with Game Maker, and I'm ready to make some finished games. At the moment I'm working with a friend on a game called Age of Colonies.
Besides that, I also play around with other games for my own training and pleasure.

I'm seeing forward to getting to know people around here and also that some of my games are approved xD


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