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0 comments by Pepsifan04 on Feb 15th, 2014

Really, I don't .
It would just bring more retards spamming about bugs and my usage of WinRar.
Don't get me wrong, It's fine to complain, it's fine to be angry, it really is, but please keep your rage for yourself, and please don't swear just because you're not logged in and posting as "anonymous".
This is why I'm posting betas on BSNOOCH not here, "It would just bring more retards ..."

Anyway, I like where all my projects are going,
Besides Crylife, I'm working on Project:404 as some of you may know
and helping Antivirus404 with models for his SMOD-minimod

Lots of work, but also some variety, every mod is different and I tend to jump between them,
when I'm frustrated with one (see Crylife) I simply start working on another, this saves me from burning out as a modder.
Also, Crylife suddenly become a serious, full-time project, instead being small fun-side-project.
It basically DEVOURS my spare time, but I'm happy with it :)

Where the hell are my mods?
Like srsly, where the hell have gone my mods form "mods" tab on my profile?
What the hell happened here...

Report abuse Development of the Smod: CryLife

0 comments by Pepsifan04 on May 11th, 2012

Things are going veeery slowly lately... I barley have time for myself, anyway, my pc melted down and I've lost all the files, later (like 3 weeks ago) I've managed to rescue ALL of the files !!!
But still, I hardly have some time for myself, so the obvious is that I don't have anytime to work on the mod or even to make a small release for dev group. shit
The other problem is that now I have to work on really old pc ( 8 years old), so that also slows things much down, anyway, from now on I'll at least try to do regular blog updates, so you guys can keep an eye on progress.
Nothing much to say abut the mod itself though.
I wanted to add a new video but my computer refuses to cooperate with me in higher screen resolutions, so no.
I'm gonna post some OLD screenies(but with new ideas) in low-res.

Few things have changed since last official post, now we have pre-cached models, some new sounds, texures, gameplay tweaks, full multiplayer support etc.

Also weapon modification aka Crysis actually works, but I'm to busy lazy to make some graphics for it.

From now on:

PinkiePie rulez /)

Report abuse Is it still going on?

0 comments by Pepsifan04 on Jan 5th, 2012

Is it still going on? ... YES IT IS!
I need to update the mod page because people are starting to ask:
Is it dead? no it's not! If Smod:CryLife will die I'll inform about that on the main page...

What new... basically new animations for everything, also working on "properly" looking cloak mode
But, currently I'm working on other project, just a test for multiplayer of Smod: Crylife with little changes to make it more playable without main content...

Report abuse New development plan

0 comments by Pepsifan04 on Sep 25th, 2011

Lately lots of new ideas has come to my mind (mainly story and coding), so I think it will be good to fix all currently occurring bugs, instead adding new features,
and release small demo of Smod: CryLife containing few multiplayer maps, and maybe one or two chapters/maps from new campaign as a teaser, and then fully focus on finishing the game (I lost -.-)

But the problem is, that I don't have too much time lately, maybe if I could afford some money to buy myself a laptop, things would go much faster...

Anyway, I've tweaked the weapons, so they have less "paper" feeling when shooting.

Report abuse Half-Life 2 is still great fun

0 comments by Pepsifan04 on Sep 8th, 2011

So I've played lately some Vanilla Half-Life2 and it reminded me how fun it was,
comparing it to Smod:CryLife : my mod sucks!
It's harder, have higher PC requirements, it's buggy and whatever else.
It kinda annoys me, but well, multiple "game of the Year" rewards and all that stuff shows that,
it is really a good game.

Like I said: it annoys me like sh** very much, but it also gives me motivation to work harder and better.
Today (and all this week) I'm going to fix the difficulty of Smod: CryLife to make it more enjoyable on low diff. and challenging on high diff. level, also I'm gonna tweak some things to make everything more...
I don't know ... fun?

Anyway, I've got a lot of work to do, wish me luck.

Oh. I've almost forgot:
Last time when I was playing Smod: CryLife with my girlfriend, she was so exiced about all the content that I've added, that she made about 500 screenshots of it 0.0 (or even more, no kidding ) the file was so "big" that gmail refuses to send mail with this .rar archive as attachment -_-

Report abuse Development of Smod CryLife and first blog entry.

0 comments by Pepsifan04 on Aug 24th, 2011

I've been working all day to get these damn ak47/fy71 models to work, and when I'm finally done with them, "hey, why I won't try to improve Scar anims? " and I've tried, dear me... and now it's 10 Pm and I haven't finished them yet, and tomorrow I'll have to go to my work, probably without sleep, because if I leave it like that I won't touch them again, earlier than in about 2 months or more ... but I enjoy that, very much.

Well... it's my first blog entry, hope I'll have more to say in the future...

Sorry for my English, as you can see I'm not from England or US

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