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panjmudek Mar 25 2015, 7:41am says:

this mission happens on a massive battlefield. everything runs smoothly until the reinforcements arrive. then, some trigger probably, starts lagging the game. the lag gets worse with time.

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panjmudek Jul 23 2014, 7:40pm replied:

As I mentioned, I managed to pass the RPG turrets; however, after that there is only so much, one can do, without harvesting additional tiberium or a specific in-game instructions.

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panjmudek Jul 23 2014, 2:31am says:

NOD mission 15 is imposable. I managed to kill both rpg towers at once and get my MCV to the outpost but then I could not harvest any tiberium. What am I supposed to do? Take on the GDI base that is over half the map without any additional support?

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panjmudek Jun 2 2014, 11:44am buried:


:D the design for the c3 cargo plane is funny! unless this plane is designed to do barrel rolls the third(tail) turbine will rly mess up the planes flight trajectory because of its location.

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panjmudek Dec 12 2013, 9:25pm replied:

Hey, you responded. Thanks! Lately I've been playing your awesome mod and I was thinking about the suggestions I've made. I think I was wrong about the dps buff of the tanks. However, I do believe that the frustration, caused by the bad path finding can be solved with a gameplay tweak. Maybe make the tanks more durable, or add a unit that can soak up dps.

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panjmudek Dec 9 2013, 6:10pm replied:

you can just chose annihilation mode in the map selection menu.

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panjmudek Dec 9 2013, 6:00pm says:

This is a nice mod but the human faction is very overpowered. Here are some suggestions.
1 Make sure that the units occupy more population.
2 Limit further the maximum supply zones that can be deployed and the resources they generate.
3 Increase the cost of the production buildings.
4 Make the tanks do more damage.( the point of this and point #1 is to make due with less units. this will shift attention from macro to micro management)
5 Limit the tank hero production to 1.
6 Lower the dps on the UAV drone. (2 drones can dismantle an unupgraded walker easily)
7 Remove the starting two tanks or change them to marines. (the rushes are too op)
1 Make the artillery unit faster
2 Add a transport ability to the apc.
3 Make the apc faster than the foot soldiers.
4 Add some building requirements
- the barracks and the motor pool should require a command bunker
- the air production building should require a command bunker and a motor pool building
- the turret should require a barracks
5 Add a repair ability to the builder(or some other unit).
6 Make the blue flames on the builder smaller.

I love this mod. It is done very efficiently and has great potential. I am looking forward to further updates. Thank You.

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